The passenger traffic control automation in Astana by KazInterSoft

KazInterSoftKazInterSoft – Gurtam Gold Partner from Kazakhstan – has completed a large project at the end of 2011. Due to KazInterSoft efforts the passenger traffic control was completely automated in Astana. Thanks to a software platform Wialon and analytic complex BusReport among the main solved problems are:

  • 1050 buses online tracking;
  • The speed limits control;
  • The schedules compliance monitoring ;
  • The intertrips timing control;
  • The route deviations control;
  • The counting of number of made round trips;
  • The bus arrival time output on the LED screens at the bus stops.

Now all participants of transportation process are connected to transport tracking system – including dispatch services and employees of The Astana Passenger Traffic Centre. Due to KazInterSoft work now it’s possible to get rid of the processes previously requiring attention of 17 operators. Besides the following results were achieved:

  • the fuel economy has been reached because of the constant speed and route control of the bus;
  • the number and severity of accidents caused by overspeeding has been reduced;
  • the number of complaints about bus delays has lowered;

Gurtam team congratulates KazInterSoft with this prosperous project and wishes them further success in the business!

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