Gurtam supports the «Ukraine Trophy 2012» race

The Second International Ukrainian Trophy-Raid Championship «Ukraine Trophy 2012» organized by the Ukrainian Off-road Sports Association will be held from June 30 to July 7. This year, one of the most difficult and most popular off-road vehicle events will be held along the Belarusian and Ukrainian border in the most beautiful places of Polesie, the so-called Northern Cordon, because a picturesque landscape is the best “arena” for such events.

The race starts on July 1 at Maidan Nezalezhnosti in Kiev, i.e. the Ukrainian main square, on the day of the final match of the European Football Championship and finishes on July 7 in Shatsk. However, the traditionally difficult route and spectacular start are not the only features of the «Ukraine Trophy 2012». The organizers of the race continue the humanitarian tradition of the first marathon. So the children living in towns along the route could participate in the painting competition. And, of course, the crews of the participants will bring to schools in Polesian villages and towns footballs signed by players of the Ukrainian national team. This competition is unique not only because of the length of the route (1,300 km), but also because of the trip time (7 days). This year more than 100 crews from Ukraine, Germany, Russia, Belarus, USA and Lebanon will take part in the trophy-marathon. Also there will be lots of famous actors, politicians and businessmen among the participants of this event.

The International Ukrainian Trophy-Raid Championship «Ukraine Trophy 2012» will be widely covered by all mass media, as well as by TV and radio. The Ukrainian Off-road Sports Association has provided monitoring of involved vehicles to obtain detailed information about the competing cars tracks. Using Wialon hundreds of spectators can not only monitor the movement of vehicles on the plasma screens, but also receive reports on the participants’ moving. Thanks to these reports the organizers will carry out scoring and control the passing of checkpoints by participants.

Thus, in view of the high requirements for hardware ultra-reliability and stability of the GPS tracking system, to control the Second International Ukrainian Trophy-Raid Championship the organizers decided to use the best of satellite tracking systems – Wialon, the Gurtam product: a unique, high quality and efficient large-scale platform. Concerning a reliable GPS equipment and support, it will be ensured by the Gurtam partner – ART Security.

Working so many years  in the field of GPS / GLONASS tracking and fleet management Gurtam has an impressive experience of participating in sporting events: the days-long Peking to Paris Motor Challenge in 2010 and the Can-Am Trophy Russia opened series in 2011 and 2012.


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