Gurtam celebrates the reaching the 100,000 unit milestone on Wialon Hosting

The 100,000 units on Wialon HostingThis summer was rich on different events: not only concerning temperature records in different countries but also in terms of Wialon based tracking technologies development and coverage.

Several factors influenced this year dashing development: over the past few months Gurtam has released new version of Wialon Hosting, moved to the new modern office,  signed a number of beneficial partner agreements and celebrated a new official holiday – the day of GPS tracking and fleet management. This August the company will participate in two conferences for Gurtam partners in Perm and Kiev to create a new tradition of holding regional events in order to have an opportunity for a better dialogue among strongest partners.

At the moment Gurtam is celebrating the 100,000 unit milestone reaching in the Wialon Data Center. This level was achieved during the-three-year successful existence period of Wialon Hosting SaaS project. When the project started we’ve been happy for every 100 simultaneously connected units to our Data Center and celebrated every thousand of new devices that been registered in the system.

«Now when the number of GPS/GLONASS devices connected to our SaaS tracking solution Wialon Hosting significantly exceeded the number of units connected to our clients Wialon Pro servers (the number of tracking units on Wialon Pro servers is just over 80,000), we can confidently affirm that the future development belongs to cloud solutions such as Wialon Hosting» says Gurtam CMO Aliaksandr Kuushynau.

10 times growth in just two years

Gurtam overcame the first major milestone of 10,000 units on 30 of June, 2010, while the tracking system counted less than six thousand members and approximately 10% of them were online regularly. In April of 2011 the number of registred units reached 30,000. Then the company set the goal to double the number of units till the end the year. Finally in December, 2011 the number of registered units gained 60,000. As a result, during the year 2011 the number of added to the server center units was  38,000. This positive trend motivated Gurtam to set more ambitious goals, that’s why just in six and a half months of 2012 the company managed to beat its own last year record and celebrate the 100,000 anniversary! Thus during the 744 days that passed since June 30, 2010 till July 13, 2012 the number of tracking devices registered in the Wialon Data Center increased tenfold. During the same period the number of system users surpassed 40 000 and 10% of them are regularly online forming the most numerous community of vehicle tracking system users.

The GPS monitoring units which are connected to the Wialon Data Center

This achievement pleased not only Gurtam but all the partners and Wialon Hosting users too, noting  not only the high quality of provided by the company solutions but also the development and increasing relevance of the GPS/GLONASS tracking sphere in general.

Gurtam is proud of its achievements and continues setting more ambitious goals.

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