«ASK» Company Group presents its new service «Where is my bus?»

It’s been several weeks since “ASK” Company Group, one of Gurtam partners, being the major innovational systems operator and integrator of GPS/GLONASS tracking and fleet management in the Central Volga region, started the implementation of the passenger transport monitoring project for the city of Ulyanovsk. This new development is based on the software complex Wialon Hosting using SDK component.

A few days ago an online project “Where is my bus?” approved and supported by the city administration was officially launched. It enables the city dwellers using public transport to track the routes they need in real time and more effectively plan their trips across the city.

So, how was this project implemented? Highly qualified CG “ASK” team’s done their best to connected the city public transport to the GLONASS navigation system. As a result 1580 buses of different capacity were connected to the satellite monitoring system. It means that not a single bus belonging to the city’s public automobile transport was missed.

In such way all the passengers received a unique opportunity to get up-to-date information on the public transport schedule. Thanks to the newly introduced service “Where is my bus?” created by CG “ASK” consisting of 6 main modules, city dwellers will also be able to plan the route of traveling between stopping points. Moreover, now they can use data received from the cameras installed on the city’s most busy streets and crossroads. Integration with a popular service “Yandex. Traffic Jams” will help assess the intensity of traffic at a certain road section and plan the best possible route.

The project’s principal aim was to increase the citizens’ awareness of the public transport work. Another task was to ensure complex management of public transport functioning by the Committee of the road infrastructure, public amenities and transport. If you’re interested in seeing this service in action, you can visit www.ulroad.ru. Here you will find all the information on any of the city’s bus routes. You can use the search box on the website to make a search on a certain bus route, see the scheme of its movement and location at the present time.

Surely this service is very useful, but whata person already standing in the street should do? In order to solve this problem developers decided to create a mobile version of “Where is my bus? application simultaneously with the basic one. It is going to be compatible with the most popular mobile platforms and will help the users to define their precise location and find the nearest stopping point, so they could choose the most convenient way to get to a certain destination using particular bus route. You can download the Android version of the app right now from Google Play.

Ulyanovsk mayor Maryna Bespalova announced giving the leading officials of the Committee of the road infrastructure, public amenities and transport a task to ensure and control that the new service works without failure. She also highlighted that the ASK’s product will help to increase the quality of passenger transportation and contribute to the development of the city’s transport infrastructure.

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