Can-Am Trophy Russia 2012. Happy Ending

The third round of Can-Am Trophy Russia 2012 has been finished. It’s hard to believe that not so long ago competitors were anticipating the struggle for the first place. Now the race is over and all winners are awarded. If you only could imagine how it was! As it was great!

Evgeny Shafranov, the organizer of the track for the third stage of the races held in Tatarstan from 14th to 16th of September, admitted before the start that he has no idea on how this route can be passed by someone. But the participants managed to overcome all the difficulties with dignity and made the race become breathtaking both for participants and spectators!

The first part of Can-Am Trophy Russia 2012 was held along the rally-raid route near the Minger village. The length of the track was about 180 km. All participants were equipped by GPS trackers not to get lost. To ensure the safety of all racers Gurtam supported all the devices with the connection to the GPS tracking system. Due to Wialon organizers always knew the coordinates of all racers who could call for help anytime in case of emergency. That day wreckers/tow trucks were very popular: now quad bikes couldn’t get over the water obstacle, then some got stuck in the mud or even failed to follow the road bend (cracked up on the curves). In a word, Can-Am Trophy Russia 2012 organizers did their best to make the show – participants will remember this race for a long time.

During the first day participants had to dip in the water, but not all the racers and their “iron horses” succeeded, unfortunately, some had to withdraw from the race cause of the technical breakdown. The crew of the absolute champions of the first and the second stages (quad bikes, class SSV-women) Alina Minnakhmetova and Olga Vasilieva got stucked in the mud for several times, so the girls couldn’t fight back their leadership. Kirill Tarabarin also had bad luck: his quad bike overturned while passing through water area. Overcoming one after another all the obstacles adroitly placed by the organizers of Can-Am Trophy Russia 2012 the participants have finished the race only 7 hours after starting, and the next day, September 15th, they had to show their mastery of passing the country-cross special stages and springboard jumping on quad bikes. It was a great show, and both the beginners and the professionals had to work hard!

The final stage of Can-Am Trophy Russia 2012 was held in 4 test groups: ATV-original (standard quad bikes), ATV-open (specially prepared quad bikes), SSV-original (standard side-by-side quad bikes) and SSV-open (specially prepared side-by-side quad bikes). You may see the winners list on the race organizers’ website. Traditionally winners and participants were awarded by special cups, medals and money certificates, and the ceremony ended with the entertainment program.

*This video was provided by Tatar-inform

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