Geolead connects Hyundai fleet to Wialon

The Saint-Petersburg branch of our silver partner Geolead has finished the realization of the big project on the local passenger transportation automation for the Hyundai manufacturing plant in Saint-Petersburg (Hyundai Motor Manufacturing Rus Ltd.). This plant in Saint-Petersburg started to work in the end of 2010 became the sixth foreign manufacture of Hyundai Motor Company outside South Korea after the USA, China, India, Turkey and Czech Republic. There are several thousands of people working in three shifts at the plant; in 2011 they produced 138,000 new cars.

The Hyundai Motor Manufacturing Rus (HMMR) management highly appreciated the Geolead team professional skills, and this May Geolead and Hyundai AMCO Rus – the plant auxiliary department – signed the agreement on the bus fleet equipment with GPS/GLONASS tracking system.

Vehicles delivering the plant staff to work were connected to Wialon GPS tracking system, which made possible for the HMMR management to track the location, speed, traffic route, fuel consumption and other technical specifications uninterruptedly. Besides, dispatchers gained the opportunity to analyze the regularity of vehicles departures for planning the transport distribution depending on the staff quantity.

As the result of using Wialon fleet management such major tasks posed by HMMR management as costs reducing and routes optimization were successfully solved.

We’d like to note that Geolead, the one of the biggest Gurtam partners, is the GPS and GLONASS tracking system operator and integrator with branches in different Russian cities. Their activity is in selling and installing ARUSNAVI equipment in Moscow, Saint-Petersburg, Krasnodar and Kaluga. Geolead is well-known by its high level of professionalism and the quality of services in the field of GPS/GLONASS tracking and fleet management. The experience of Geolead team allows the company to partner with the world leaders in different business spheres and ensure the constant flow of new customers and improves the company growth and development.

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