Gurtam to Battle for the Title of Best M2M Network Platform

In October Gurtam Top Management will attend M2M Evolution Conference & Expo which will be held in Austin, USA. This event differs much from other similar events as it has much wider spectrum of the topics covered, bigger caliber of attendees, pace of content and amount of networking, the higher degree of interaction and accessibility between those who make IT decisions, those who move them as well as those who shakes the industry.

The most peculiar feature of M2M Evolution 2012 is its collocation with ITEXPO – one of the world’s popular shows that covers the spheres of communications and technology trade. The event is going to gather experts of security, transportation, automobile, safety, cold chain, health industry, etc. They will try to develop the strategies of M2M market development and discuss possible businesses perspectives and opportunities in this sector. Companies engaged in the field of technologies – software companies, device manufacturers and wireless carriers – will have the chance to present their products and decisions to the international audience during the show.

On the 2nd of October ten leading software platform developers will take part in Battle of the Platforms and present their solutions. This Battle is a pre-conference event which all Austin guests are invited to visit. The solutions itself and benefits of each software product presented by the companies will be estimated by a panel of judges, with the participation of Carl Ford (Crossfire Media), Alan Quayle (Alan Quayle Associates) and James Brehm (Compass).

As M2M solutions market grows really fast, it becomes more and more difficult to evaluate the decisions offered by leading M2M developers. Battle of the Platforms will give an opportunity to independent M2M application developers, enterprise managers and service providers to get acquainted with new decisions that may be very helpful in managing and delivering M2M solutions. Competitors will also benefit from the participation in this event, as they will gain the ability to get acquainted with new developments of their opponents, as well as to to know each other better. The attendees of the Battle of the Platform will be able to compare the solutions offered by different developers and decide which one meets their needs the best.

Gurtam will also take part in the Battle of the Platforms. It is known that such companies as KORE Telematics, Digi International, Sensaware, Eurotech, VisTracks, OnAsset and Locaid will be among our competitors. The rest of the names will be announced later. Depending on the results of presentations there will be chosen 4 winners (1 for a certain category):

• Best platform for enabling independent applications developer to work with M2M devices;

• Best platform for business intelligence (BI) controls solutions;

• Best platform for service providers to support wholesale services;

• Best platform for enterprise deployment.

One of these winners will be chosen for Best Overall Platform.

Gurtam will do its best in presenting Wialon family of products to win in the category «Platform for best business intelligence controls solutions». Our team will present the audience Gurtam’s new product – Wialon Kit and upgraded version of Wialon Hosting.

As Battle of the Platforms is open for all M2M Evolution attendees, Gurtam invites everybody who is interested in Wialon to support the company and estimate the amount of work done.

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