Gurtam Unveils a New Look

Gurtam announces unveiling a new look of Wialon products logos. Rebranding is timed to the preparation for the 10th Gurtam anniversary this year, and also caused by the intention to progress and improve. Recently two very important events were held in Gurtam – Wialon Hosting updating and development of a new product Wialon Kit. The release of the new software influenced the logos’ changing, and Gurtam management decided that each of the three different Wialon products deserves to have its own logo.

The main aim of Wialon rebranding is to make Gurtam products more recognizable for GPS/GLONASS tracking system customers. New logos retained the style of the previous Wialon image – one of the most famous among the logos of the GPS/GLONASS tracking and fleet management platforms on today’s market. Each of the three new logos still consists of the product name and the familiar graphic element, though they have some new features. For example, the letter «a» that looks like

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an open lock is presented in all the names “Wialon” and symbolizes the availability of the tracking system for all customers. Also in the logo of the most popular platform – Wialon Hosting – it’s hard to miss the letter «g», which means the connection of the tracking system with GPS/GLONASS and Galileo satellite in the future. The color of the original Wialon Hosting logo wasn’t changed as this product is the most common and known among the users.

By looking at the logo of the open platform Wialon Kit, customers can feel its lightness. The font which the word Kit is written with symbolizes a set of tools allowing tracking system operators and integrators to create easily their own solutions.

Wialon Pro logo became absolutely blue, as this color means stability, solidity and reliability – the most obvious Wialon Pro “trumps”.

By the way, Wialon logos could hardly have turned out so successful without the professionalism and excellent taste of Helen Risovets, Gurtam designer. Style and modernity are not the only distinguishing features of the new logos. To reflect the significant changes that have occurred in the last few years in Gurtam and capture the success, dynamics and achievements of the company, Helen has created a special unique font not having any analogues. As the disigner says the aim of developed logos is to lead the company forward, enhance actively its recognizability and attract more consumers.

Aliaksandr Kuushynau, Gurtam CMO, comments Wialon logos rebranding: “This year Gurtam will celebrate a very important event – its 10th anniversary. For sure, we have made a lot to fill the niche on the GPS/GLONASS tracking market, achieve undoubted results and goals and build relationships with our partners and customers. But 10 years is just the start of our future plans. Our rebranding is the symbol of the beginning of a new era in the development of the company, it’s a kind of statement that Gurtam is not going to stop at what has been accomplished, but wants to go to the next level, gain the attention of new customers and increase the fidelity of those who is already working with us”.

Starting from today, new Wialon logos will be placed both on the Gurtam website and in Wialon Hosting, Wialon Kit and Wialon Pro interfaces.

Gurtam and Wialon logos in vector format are available for downloading.

Dear partners, please, note: before using our company and products’ logos in printing layouts and other advertising products, confirm Gurtam at that you are using the correct version.

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