New GPS Tag Version Released

Last week Gurtam released a new version of GPS Tag – GPS Tag v. 1.3 – pleasantly surprising by advanced facilities. Now users can adjust the work of the software tracker according to the given schedule with the determination of the work intervals for different days of week. Besides, new GPS Tag version can start working by turning a charger on and stop working by turning it off.

We’d like to note that mobile app GPS Tag was developed by Gurtam especially for Wialon and GPS-Trace Orange users. GPS Tag allows using any device based on Android with embedded GPS receiver, so mobile phone, netbook, tablet, etc. can be used as GPS tracker, which allows a user to avoid the purchasing personal tracker. The popularity of this mobile app is growing day by day: according to the Google Play statistics, more than 10 000 users have already downloaded GPS Tag.

Статистика скачек программы GPS Tag за 2012 годИнтерфейс программы GPS Tag

A new version of GPS Tag is significantly different from the previous one. For example, due to new adjustment fields divided according its specification the app configuration can be done much quickly than before. The notifications list was considerably enlarged and now users have the opportunity to adjust notifications according to their requirements. Due to the indicator on the notifications panel users can check the app activity or get the information about last messages. Also users would appreciate the way GPS Tag was improved as now it has the new way of routing and works perfectly in the debugging mode. Good news for Wialon Kit users: new app is compatible with this platform!

GPS Tag version 1.3 is now available for downloading. Also you can look through the documentation and take part in its discussion on our forum.

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