Central America: Wialon and Mining Operators

Wialon and Mining OperatorsAres Sun, Gurtam’s partner in Honduras and leading telematics solutions provider in the industrial and commercial field in Central America, signed the agreement on the Five Star Mining fleet equipment with Wialon GPS tracking system.

Five Star Mining, being one of the largest complex ore mining companies in Central America region, is the member of Goldlake Group. The company owns a big heavy machinery fleet (haulage trucks and dumpers) used in iron ore mining in Monte Redondo mines with an area of 6,000,000 square meters.

To help Five Star Mining reduce costs, take all the processes under control and cover the needs of such a specific customer Ares Sun decided to install both GPS-trackers and special sensors allowing to track the exact amount of transferred ore in tons.

Ares Sun has successfully performed all the tasks set by Five Star Mining management; and the captain of the mining industry on the American continent could achieve excellent results in controlling the workers efficiency, ore mining process and increase its labor productivity.

In the near future Five Star Mining is going to continue the connection of the rest of its fleet to Wialon GPS tracking system: the company is planning to install GPS-trackers, fuel sensors and ore mining sensors on its loaders and diggers.

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