Logic Trail connects to Wialon one of the biggest Ukrainian ice-cream producers

Logic Trail, Gurtam’s Ukrainian partner, specializing in IT projects implementation and support in the GPS tracking field, has connected to Wialon Pro the fleet of “Three Bears” – one of the biggest producers of ice cream and frozen foods in the country.

Three Bears is one of the Ukrainian leading manufacturers that has its own distribution network and a large fleet of refrigerators for the rapid products delivery – special refrigerating machines used especially for the perishable goods transportation. Logic Trail connected those vehicles to Wialon and installed both temperature sensors and special sensors allowing to control the illegal opening of refrigerators.

Three Bears management decided to integrate the GPS tracking system in their business to follow the company policy of the products’ quality control and food security. So the major task posed towards Ukrainian GPS tracking system operator was to ensure transferred products control and to maintain special temperature during goods transportation in real time.

Now due to Wialon Pro GPS tracking system capabilities all telematics data received from tracking units (refrigerators location, traffic route, temperature coefficients etc.) is transmitted to the company database and can be transformed into analytic reports in a few seconds. The analysis of the information gathered allowes Three Bears to improve the routes significantly and provide 100% of products safety and thereby increasing the workers efficiency.

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