Wialon helps leading Indian automaker in searching for stolen cars

Gurtam’s bronze partner in India Hindustan Trackers has connected a considerable part of Hindustan Motors’ vehicle park to the Wialon GPS tracking system during the last 3 months.

Hindustan Motors is one of the major producers of automotive parts, mini-trucks and premium class personal vehicles in India that has technical collaboration with Mitsubishi Motors Corporation.  The company owns two automobile plants and produces Ambassador cars – models of Indian assembly and cars under Mitsubishi license as well.

Hindustan Motors has decided to install Wialon software to increase car security due to high risk of falling victim to vehicle hijackers. Over 200 cars, mostly Pajeros and Lancers, were equipped with Wialon-compatible Hindrack-P3 tracking devices which are rather popular in India. Wialon system has proven itself worthy in an instant: the company managed to find about 20 cars by its means and returned the vehicles back to their rightful owners.

Hindustan Motors has plans to keep equipping its cars with tracking devices connected to Wialon. New transportation units are currently joining the GPS tracking network on a day-to-day basis.

It wasn’t the first time Hindustan Trackers and Hindustan Motors had a successful cooperation: this summer Hindustan Trackers acted as a sponsor providing navigation devices for the participants of Mitsubishi Car Rally. Each rally car was equipped with GPS-tracking unit connected to Wialon, gathering the data on racers’ location and transmitting it to the server, so that event spectators could follow the race progress online.

Hindustan Trackers’ owner Mr. Himanshu Bhatt is interested in further partnership with auto dealers: “We are going to continue our cooperation with leading motor racing companies. Though Wialon was purchased for fuel control and commercial vehicle tracking, we can use public race events to promote the best solutions for satellite tracking among our future partners and customers.”

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