Exhibition of equipment manufacturers within the framework of the conference «Telematics 2012. Anniversary».

Cellocator representative presentation at the exhibition within the framework of the conference «Telematics 2012. Anniversary»On November 23 within the framework of Gurtam partner conference «Telematics 2012. Anniversary» the exhibition, where the equipment manufactures and Wialon-based solution developers have presented their solutions, was held.

This year «Gruzolot», «Ultra Navigation», «Megapage», «BCE», «Standard», «Pointer Telocation», «Ruptela», «Omnicomm», «SCOUT», «Escort» and «Ladya Telematica» took part in the exhibition. The companies made presentations and showed their new developments in front of the large audience, consisting of more than 130 GPS/GLONASS tracking professionals from more than ten countries of the world.

Igor Rogov, vice-president for technology and development of Cellocator Division, Pointer Telocation Ltd., started the session. In his presentation he spoke about a new Cellocator product line and presented three trackers: Cello-IQ & DFD, the key feature of which is the estimation of driving style, as well as the ability to recognize the accident, Cello-AR, the effective solution for car safety, which can identify and authorize the driver, and also react to the attempted theft or disassembling, and CelloTrack 1P67 XT, which can be used for tracking in extreme weather conditions.

Escort presentationPresentations were continued by Igor Riazanov, general manager of «Escort». He presented new sensors, developed by the company, described their key features, functions and application methods, as well as gave illustrative examples of different schemes based on this equipment. The participants received the possibility to evaluate a large variety of new sensors, among which a fuel level sensor «Escort – TD», tilt sensor «Escort-DU-180», seeding depth sensor and a dry-goods sensor (bunker sensor). «Escort» also presented the harvest control system and the examples of reports drawing.

Further on Sergei Ivanov, president of «Gruzolot», made his presentation about the satellite dispatch system as an effective solution for both the transporters and the customers. The structure of the system potential work is the following: companies, using Wialon, transfer the information about free vehicles location, and after that the dispatch system data is transferred to the leading information systems and transmitted to the sectorial WEB-resources. Presentation gave the opportunity to get acquainted with the dispatch system working scheme, monetization methods, as well as to see the true value and the advantages of its use. Many operators took an interest in this system, and Gurtam introduced the possibility of data retransmission to the plan of development department.

After a short coffee-break, during which all the participants could have informal conversations, discuss the emerged questions and just to take a breath, the companies’ presentations continued.

SCOUT presentationYuri Visnevsky, commercial director of «SCOUT», told about the distinctive features of GPS/GLONASS equipment, manufactured by the company. Yuri briefly shared «SCOUT» background, highlighted basic achievements and showed the dynamics of employees’ number growth. Further in the presentation he mentioned the key features and the advantages of SCOUT products application, as well as acquainted the public with technical specifications of the equipment series MT- 600, launched in December 2012, and versions MT – 600 PRO 285, complying with the requirements of the Order of the Ministry of Transport № 285, and MT – 600 PRO Wi-Fi with 2 SIM-cards and Wi-Fi connection.

Our Lithuanian partners Andrius Zabulionis and Eimantas Raskauskas, representatives of «BCE», announced the future development directions of fleet management systems and the advantages of «BCE» equipment use, and also demonstrated the devices series Light, Blue and Orange. Much interest was aroused by new «BCE» mobile applications: Car In Phone – intelligent system of car protection, due to which the user can manage his car: learn about the car status, its location, doors condition, alarms and etc., as well as а Taxi In Phone and Сar Sharing applications.

General manager of «Megapage», Тaimour S. Dwidar, started his presentation with a short description of the company background and success story. He told the audience about  telematic solutions and services, provided by the company. «Megapage» has an infrastructure, ready for new services, reports system for insurance companies, response groups with twenty four hour service, as well as Call-center. In the presentation «Synergy of two directions» the opportunity of cooperation between «Megapage» and operators was discussed, and currently negotiations are being held.

Further on the exhibition program presupposed lunch, during which all the participants could not only restore their strength, but again to discuss the emerged questions directly with the reporters. After lunch and a quick rest all the participants returned to the conference-hall, where several more presentations were planed.

General manager of «Ultra Navigation», Viacheslav Salin, comprehensively highlighted a new Epsilon EN sensor. Viacheslav mentioned peculiar features and advantages of a new version of the product. Epsilon EN modification with explosion-proof level OEXiallB guarantees the safe work of the sensor, which is used in the explosive environment. New sensor also presupposes updating of firmware and parameter settings by using the sensor slot, as well as remotely, with the help of controller.

Omnicomm presentationAlexandr Selivanov, Arkady Rushkevich and Sergei Gorokhov, representatives of «Omnicomm», leading manufacturer of fuel level sensors in Russia, spoke about a new Omnicomm product line in general and, in particular, presented a 2.0 generation of products Omnicomm Profi and Omnicomm Optim, launched in 2012, and also highlighted the priorities of the company future development.

Ruptela representatives, Vadim Danilevichus and Igor Polischuk made the presentation about the peculiarities and advantages of using their solutions, as well as introduced to the audience’s attention the updated equipment, including additional options, for example, reading of digital tachograph, reading of driver’s ID card and etc.

Ladya Telematica presentationAnton Pitsenko, director of «Ladya Telematica», the company using Wialon and rendering fleet tracking services in Primorsky Krai, presented ready-made solutions, developed in order to receive detailed information and statistics about the company’s vessels condition, described their key features and advantages. The provided solutions allow to control the generators’ operating time, engine rpm speed, location and vessel speed by means of different communication channels. «Marine-Smart» solution monitors and transfers data within the visibility zone of GPRS/GSM networks, «Marine-Control» variant uses the data-transmission channel FBB150 existing on the vessel, and «Marine- Total Control» – variant operating through the data-transmission channel FBB150 Inmarsat in real-time mode.

«Standard» also took part in the exhibition. General manager Roman Bille and marketing officer Tatyana Nesterova, demonstrated a new line of modern trackers STD 8, having a wide range of distinct peculiarities and advantages, the main one of which is the ability to ensure the reliable communication due to two SIM-cards (one SIM-chip and one SIM-card).

Thereon the presentations came to an end, but the exhibitions continued. All the participants got the possibility to see the stands and communicate directly with the companies’ representatives, ask the emerged questions and, possibly, to discuss the perspectives of future cooperation.

Summarizing the results we can point out  that the exhibition provided all the participants with the great opportunity to find new business contacts, to arrange the direct contact with no middlemen and geographical barriers involved, to present their developments, as well as to increase the community awareness about the innovative developments in the sphere of GPS/GLONASS tracking.

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