Day by day new regions choose Wialon for modernization of ambulance cars.

Ambulance fleetWhat is the main purpose of emergency medical service? The answer lies right within its name. A crucial criterion of effective work (surely after the quality of provided medical services) is the speed of ambulance response. Every day, the countries all over the world struggle to improve this factor, helping to save lots and lots of lives. Therefore, as practice shows, some countries have achieved impressive results. For instance, in London the average speed of ambulance arrival is 8 minutes! And what about the situation in Russia?

According to the federal healthcare modernization program, in order to achieve maximum improvement of emergency medical service quality, up to December 2012 it was decided to equip all ambulance cars (approximately 20 thousand of vehicles throughout the whole territory of Russia) with GLONASS-based tracking devices.

As previously mentioned in our weblog, Wialon has already been used in a range of Russian cities and regions for rather a long time and very successfully – since the year 2010 in Makhachkala, and since 2011 in Yaroslavl ambulance cars have been connected to Wialon GPS/GLONASS tracking system, and the emergency station officers estimated its advantages. The implemented system ensured a quick communication between an ambulance driver and a dispatcher, helped to coordinate the work of ambulance cars clearly and efficiently, thereby significantly reducing the waiting time for a patient, as well as to cut the expenses for fuels and lubricants, which is not less important.

Since recently, due to our partner from Armavir, Navigator Plus, ambulances, equipped with Wialon GPS tracking devices, now can be found in many regions of Krasnodar Krai: Otradnensky, Mostovskoy, Labinsky, Uspensky, Bryukhovetsky and Pavlovsky.

And just some days ago all ambulance cars in Perm Krai, all together comprising 320 objects, by efforts of our long-time business partner — Standard, were connected to Wialon GPS tracking system and equipped by innovative compact GPS/GLONASS-trackers STD 8, which have 2 SIM-cards, enhancing the stability of data transmission.

According to Standard technical director, Dmitry Oskolkov, equipping ambulances with the modern tools was carried out on a tight schedule: «We were given a month and a half in order to complete this task. During this period we had to equip with tracking devices 320 objects, disseminated throughout the territory of Perm Krai, including hard-to-reach areas. Besides, it was necessary to install and configure tracking software platform. In the middle of November we were asked to finish the works a week earlier. Our professional installers and engineers were working for several days almost without sleeping, but coped with the task and completed it with high quality and a day earlier the deadline».

GPS tracking equipment, installed in ambulance cars and emergency stations, provides the medical staff with the possibility to transfer the patient’s medical record by means of mobile internet to the tablet computer, which helps to think over the necessary treatment and to prevent medical errors. Emergency dispatchers now can track the ambulance car location at the map and, consequently, much faster respond to the received calls, sending the ambulance crew upon the shortest route.

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