GPS tracking systems found its place in small aircrafts

An-2 aircraft, equipped with GPS tracking systemThe use of GPS tracking systems in small aircrafts, namely in agricultural aviation, gains popularity all over the world. Implementation of the system helps to solve many topical issues, concerning both, land proprietors and aircraft owners, often involved in chemical treatment of agricultural plots.

Wialon GPS tracking solution, day by day finding new applications in different spheres, also took its place. The example was provided by our silver partner in Bulgaria CAST Engineering Ltd.

Not infrequently agricultural enterprises and other land owners complain that some areas of fields, treated by means of aircrafts, are left without attention and don’t receive due amount of chemical fertilizers, necessary for good harvest. As a rule, such claims emerge after the harvesting, when the results of treatment become evident. The problem is really urgent for land owners, but there is no documentary support of the facts of violation during field treatment, that’s why GPS tracking system gains popularity and is actively used for agricultural aircrafts control.

Our partner CAST Engineering Ltd. received an order from Aviamont PLS, the main activity of which is chemical treatment of fields and agricultural plots by means of An-2 aircrafts, as well as their maintenance, repair and overhaul. One of Aviamont PLS customers faced with the problem of incomplete treatment of fields, causing constant conflicts between the aircrafts owner and land proprietor. Eventually, the solution of this problem was found due to GPS tracking system.

Within a pilot project CAST Engineering Ltd. equipped An-2 planes, owned by Aviamont PLS, with navigation devices, connected to Wialon Pro software platform. Each plane was furnished with Teltonika tracker, having enough battery supply to record data during the whole flight without additional recharge. According to CAST Engineering Ltd general manager Daniel Kitin: «There is no problem to fix GPS on board, our GPS devices are fixed behind the instrument panel of the plane. In this aircraft (Antonov-2) there is practically no risk to add GPS tracking devices, because the aircraft is very old with no avionics on board, almost all instruments are mechanical».

The project was launched in summer and has worked well in practice since than. Both sides, land proprietor and aircraft owner, settled all the emerged issues and got advantages from the system implementation. Due to Wialon GPS tracking system land owner received the possibility to control the order execution, now he knows the exact time when aircraft is coming to the field, exact size of the plot treated with chemicals, including time of chemical nozzle opening, as well as how many flights over the plot was executed. Aviamont PLS, in its turn, got the possibility to control its own aircrafts. The company management now knows when a particular aircraft was over which field, as well as how many flights and landings were made. Furthermore, Wialon platform makes possible to calculate the resources of the aircraft and TBO (time between overhaul). Another significant advantage for the aircraft owner is the fuel saving, achieved due to the prevention of unauthorized flights, performed by pilots for other farmers and agricultural enterprises.

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