Wialon Hosting GPS tracking system: update dd. 16.12.2012

Wialon Hosting GPS tracking system update dd. December 16, 2012 will include a range of changes and innovations, among which the most significant ones are the following: new module «Trailers», redesigned module «Drivers» (including trailers groups and drivers), multi-level reports, text sensors and many other functions within the host tracking interface, as well as in the management system.


The term trailers in Wialon GPS tracking system includes any trailed units or additional implements, attached to the main vehicle and not equipped with a separate tracker or controller. Functionally, tracking of trailers is to a large extent similar to tracking of drivers.

Trailers, the same as drivers, have their own codes. You can assign description to the trailer, add free fields, and attach a photo. Attaching/detaching of trailers, as well as registration of working time intervals is carried out by the operator in the «Trailers» tab (manual method). Attaching/detaching can be performed automatically – by means of iButton and other similar devices. Several trailers can be assigned to one unit simultaneously.

«Trailers» module in Wialon Hosting

There are many different methods to control trailers, and you can choose the best suited variant. Trailers can be displayed on the map, in a tool tip to the unit, as well as in a separate column in the dashboard. By means of corresponding notification type it is possible to track binding or unbinding of trailers.
Information about trailers is widely reflected in the reports. Now many tables provide the possibility to include the column «Trailer», which shows whether the trailer was attached to the unit during a particular interval and defines its type. A special table «Assignments» can be created for trailers and groups of trailers.

Technical documentation for “Trailers” module



«Drivers» module was also considerably crunched.
Now drivers can be displayed on the map. You should mark them with a flag in the left panel. The assigned driver is displayed by a small icon in the bottom right corner of the unit. In case if the driver is currently not assigned to any unit, his last known position is displayed (by a bigger icon). Subsequent to the display of drivers on the map the option «Replace units’ names with the drivers’ names» was removed from the user settings.
The driver properties dialog now includes the possibility to assign free fields — so called «driver card». They are displayed in a tool tip to the driver, as well as in the corresponding report.

«Drivers» module  in Wialon Hosting

Some changes are introduced to the automatic driver assignment system (concerning iButton and similar devices). In order to achieve proper work of this system it is necessary to create a special sensor of «Driver binding» type in the unit properties, and also to create lists of automatically attachable units for each resource of drivers. If the driver is bound to the unit automatically a notification about binding/unbinding is fixed in the unit data base, if manually — it is saved by the driver. Read more…

Groups of drivers became available. They can be used in order to filter the list in the driver panel, as well as to build reports for a group. Read more…

Now it is possible to assign more than one driver to a unit.



Reports with several nesting levels became more complicated (up to 4 levels of nesting!) and at the same time— more clearly arranged. Numbering system was unified and new styles for lightening lines of different levels were developed. For group reports there is a possibility to choose the level of detail: partial and full. Partial detailing corresponds to the previous reports and offers only 2 levels of nesting. For example, the first level will display only the names of units and the second level will show the summarized information on trips (one line for each date). Full detailing presupposes reflecting of all levels of nesting. In this case the third level will be also opened, which will show the trips (a separate line for each trip of this unit on the specified date). Reports for drivers groups and trailers may contain up to four levels of nesting.

Reports in Wialon Hosting

Variants of dealing with the last report interval became available. Very often reporting period is over, and the interval (a trip, sensor work and etc.) continues. Previously such an interval was interrupted artificially and the time of the last message for the reporting period was considered to be its ending. Now there are options, which provide the opportunity either not to display this interval in the report at all, or to display it with the mark «Unknown» in the ending box.

Mileage in the column reports now can be calculated according to all the messages, as well as according to the trip detector (i.e. only the part of mileage, corresponding to the trips will be taken into account). This setting is installed in additional options and is called «Calculate mileage only according to trips ».

Now, time format can be changed not only in tables «Trips», «Parkings», «Stops», but also in other tables, where the duration is indicated. Large intervals will be displayed grouping the hours per a day or without such a grouping. For example, the duration value may be «5 days 12:34:56» (if the format «Days and hours» is chosen) or «132:34:56» (if the format «Hours and minutes» is chosen). Option is installed in the report template in the properties of table.

New columns are added to the fueling and defueling reports: «Final level», which shows the final level of fuel in the tank after fueling or defueling, as well as the column «Trailers». To the defueling reports the columns «Start» and «Ending» (instead of column «Time»), «Start position» and «End position» (instead of column «Position»), «Initial speed and final speed» are added.

One more option is developed especially for markers — «Markers numbering». If you choose this option, above each marker there will be placed a number, showing the sequential number of this marker in chronological order. Numbering is conducted separately for each type of markers. Font for inscriptions is violet. During grouping sequential numbers are shown in a tool tip in front of the marker title.
The following columns are added to the «Recent data» group report: «Speed», «Driver», «Trailer».

Columns «Average mileage according to Absolute Fuel Consumption Sensors/Impulse Fuel Consumption Sensors/Instant Fuel Consumption Sensors/Fuel Level Sensors/calculations/norms per fuel unit» are added to the Group report «Trips» (as in the Individual reports), which provides the data on the average mileage calculated per 1 liter of fuel.

The column «Violations», where the number of violations is indicated, is added to the «Assignments» report for drivers.


Unit properties and sensors

Unit copying is more accurate now. Device configuration details are also able for copying (if there is access to them).

The “Calculate the fueling/defueling volume without filtering” option on the “Fuel” tab in the unit properties was split into two – a separate flag for fueling and the other one for defueling. Also the    “Detecting defueling during moving” option is added but in many cases its use can lead to detection of false defueling. This option is especially practical for shipping transport.

Now there is a possibility to sort the sensors in the unit properties in any order. Initially, the sensors in the list are arranged in order of their creation. However, with a special button (on the left side of each sensor) they can be dragged to any position. Custom sorting is also stored in the tool tip to the unit in the track player and while track routing.

Unit properties and sensors in Wialon Hosting

For removing all table contents at one fell swoop Clear table” button appeared in a calculation table and calculation table wizard in sensor properties “.

Now there is a possibility to see text instead of digital sensor values ​​ that is to set text interpretation to various intervals of sensor values.  In order to do this a new tab  “User intervals “appeared in sensor properties .  It is possible to set the interval of values ​​and corresponding text comments now. Specified text will be displayed instead of the numerical values ​​of the sensor in the tool tip to the subject and in the message bar. Read more…

At present, Wialon  autodetects incoming textual data in the parameters (there were only numerical data before). If the sensor sends data in text form they can be displayed in the tool tip to the object, as well as in the message bar. For example, name of any status (work, personal), status (free, busy), the time elapsed since an event, and other sensors with text parameters don’t require setting up calculation tables. Text data are displayed in the form as they came. Read more…


Control system

The new column “Status” was added to the CMS when displaying accounts. It shows that the account had been activated or blocked. Right there, without going into the account properties dialog, you can change this status (only if you have the proper rights). Please, note, that the automatic access control of the account has priority over the manual. It means that if your manually locked account with positive balance and days it will be automatically unlocked after the system perform checking  it’s status on the server. Conversely, if you your account has critical balance or days it will be automatically locked by system after a while. Manual controls of the account were created exclusively to speed up the process of changing account status (without waiting for the automatical checking), for example, in the case of customer payment operation.

Control system in Wialon Hosting

Using a calendar allows you to specify the end date of the function turned on after adding days to account. The number of days is calculated automatically.

Now it’s possible to send information messages from the management system to users. In order to perform this – “Send notification” button has been added to the user panel. Customer should enter a subject and text, select users, their addresses and notice lifetime. To send these messages you must have a rights not lower than “Editing not mentioned properties.” Information about your current status is displayed while tracking system login.

Information messages from the management system in Wialon Hosting

There is an opportunity to quickly activate “50 objects” and “500 SMS-messages” packages now. The arrow buttons are added to the top panel of the management system and are available exclusively to top-level managers.

New retranslation protocols are developed – EGTS (the protocol of the order № 285) and the Automated Control System «Integrated Dispatch Office of the Department of Housing and Public Works».


Interface and other modifications

Rendering of panels is optimized. The view of panels containing lists of items (geofence, tasks, users, etc.) is modified. Now all names are being displayed in a single line, and if the name size does not fit completely it breaks and dots are put at the end. In addition, the trigger of the notifications panel activation a single notification icon is displayed, and if there is more than one action in the upper right corner of the icon their number is showed and when pointing cursor to the icon the list of selected actions can be found in the tooltip now.

The windows of online messages and online notifications were modified. Also, now when there is no record in these windows the buttons located at the bottom panel of the program will not be active

Now it is possible to add the technical support link into the top panel of the program (next to the link to “Help” link).

Now you can add the column with the latest addresses of the objects in tracking panel. You can setup this option as well as the address column in your user profile. Clicking the icon in table header  will sort out the objects according to their worklist location – forward or reverse alphabetical order.

The column for worklist cleaning is custom now, it can be turned on and turned off. It can also be set up in the user profile on the appropriate tab – the same way like for the other tracking panel columns. So now you can suspend users’ ability to remove items from the worklist.

New map layers were added for display in tracking system: 2GIS, WikiMapia, Navitel and Yandeks.Narodnaya card. Google Maps, Regio and Yandex are adapted to the new use conditions.

The date of report execution in YYYY-MM-DD format is added to the name of report template in sent by task ZIP-archive report name.

There is a new option can be used in the notification -% LAST_LOCATION%. It’s better to use instead of % LOCATION% in cases where the message contains no positional data (for example, pressing a panic button).

The new type of notification – «Number of messages is exceeded.” Using this type of the notification customer can control the flow of messages from the object. It can be either normal data messages (messages with coordinates, sensor readings, etc.) or SMS. For example, you can be notified if the unit has sent 10 or more SMSs per hour.

In the user panel was added the button – for every user – which allows to log in the system as this particular user. This functionality is similar to the entering under the other user’s profile from the top panel of the program. The difference is that when there’s a large number of users it’s more convenient to find users using filters.

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