Wialon is gaining popularity among top companies on Hungarian market

DB Schenker LogisticsGurtam’s bronze partner in Hungary Eflotta Vehicle Tracking Ltd is a young, rapidly developing company, launched in 2011. Eflotta is innovative and trusted fleet tracking solutions provider that has lately started successful cooperation with some world-known companies, operating on Hungarian market, such as: DB Schenker Logistics, KRKA Pharmaceuticals, Flaga Gas and IKR Zrt.

Recently, Eflotta Vehicle Tracking Ltd. launched a new project with DB Schenker, one of the leading globally integrated logistics service providers, offering transport and freight services at some 2,000 locations in about 130 countries of the world. Several weeks ago due to Eflotta all trucks in Hungarian operation and company cars were connected to Wialon GPS tracking system.

KRKA PharmaceuticalsThe cooperation with KRKA Pharmaceuticals, an international generic pharmaceutical company, dealing with production and sale of prescription pharmaceuticals, non-prescription products and animal health products in more than 70 countries of the world, started in 2011. Among the most popular and well-known KRKA’s non prescription products are Septolete, Herbion syrups, vitamin and mineral products Pikovit and Duovit, as well as the medicine for improved memory and concentration Bilobil. A new joint project with Eflotta, designed to equip the whole fleet of the Hungarian brunch of the company starts in several weeks. Due to Wialon system the company managed significantly to reduce the speeding and fines, as well as unauthorized private use.

Flaga GroupIn 2012 Eflotta started working with one of the leading suppliers of Liquefied Petroleum Gas in Central- and Eastern Europe and Scandinavia – Flaga Group. The project for equipping the whole vehicle park of Flaga’s Hungarian division with tracking devices connected to Wialon started in July and new transportation units are currently joining the GPS tracking network on a day-to-day basis.

For more than a year already Eflotta Vehicle Tracking Ltd. has been working with IKR Zrt., a giant on Hungarian agricultural market. It has more than 30 years of history and is one of the biggest companies dealing with agricultural production and trading, technological development, agricultural machinery equipment trade and technical services having a dealer network that covers the whole country. Since November 2011 Eflotta has connected a considerable part of IKR’s vehicle park to Wialon GPS tracking system. All sales cars and service vans were equipped with GPS-tracking units connected to Wialon. Due to GPS-trackers implementation IKR has now got a clear view of the sales activity and the proper working hours of its crew.

As the motor pool of Eflotta’s clients vary and the installed base consists of 50% of passenger cars/LCVs, 30% of trucks and 20% of heavy machinery, the purposes to install Wialon software also differ. For trucks and heavy machinery the main purpose is to control the proper work and the fuel consumption, along with work hours. In the car/LCV segment the goal is to enhance efficiency and control the private use according to the company’s internal regulations.

With the help of Wialon implementation all the Eflotta’s partners achieved the fixed goals. According to the international experiences, the companies’ savings in fuel vary between 10-30% and the efficiency increase is about 20%.

Krisztian Rozor, CEO of Eflotta Vehicle Tracking Ltd., mentioned: «We have a significant experience and qualifications, and our business approach and technological background, due to Wialon, seriously differs from other Hungarian solution providers. Eflotta’s main goal is to be innovative and trusted FM solutions provider. In the near future we are planning to introduce several products, based on Wialon SDK, to the market».

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