Extreme, adrenaline and need for speed – Wialon in Country Cross Racing Championship «Lesnye Gorki»

Final Round of Country Cross Racing Championship «Lesnye Gorki»GPS tracking of different sport events, especially auto and moto racing year by year gains more popularity. Gurtam, successfully working in GPS/GLONASS market for many years has acquired significant experience in sport competitions monitoring, and Wialon solutions have already proved their effectiveness.

Recently in the Ukraine, not far from Yasnogorodok village in Kiev region, the final round of country cross racing contest «Lesnye gorki» (Forest Hills) took place, in which our partner Overseer participated in the capacity of technical sponsor. «Lesnye gorki» is not only a holiday for the amateurs of extreme racing, but a very spectacular event, gathering spectators from different corners of the Ukraine and other countries. Local public was especially lucky, because during two days people could support their favorite sportsmen and view a unique fascinating show, raising the adrenaline level sky high.

The contest of quad racing extreme seekers was conducted under the auspices of Automobile Federation of the Ukraine and gathered quad cross racing lovers from all over the country. The distance was not very easy, racers faced with the most difficult challenges: water barriers, narrow paths, sharp turns, balls of mud, obstructing the view, – but  nothing could stop real professionals. Crazy speed, motor roar, adrenaline rush and 15 kilometers of extreme track – what could be better! More than 130 sportsmen, including many famous racers, such as the son of the Ukraine president Viktor Yanukovich, champion of the Ukraine for trophy raids and the repeat winner of country cross racing contest «Lesnye gorki», took part in this fascinating event.

Participant of the Country Cross Racing Championship «Lesnye Gorki» on a quad bike, equipped with GPS tracker But we all understand that racing – is always risk, danger and unforeseen situations. That’s why GPS tracking system is used not only in order to provide the organizers, spectators and fans with the full picture of the events and enjoy every single moment, but primarily to ensure racers’ safety: with Wialon GPS tracking solution the organizers could immediately respond to any emergency situation and take adequate measures.

All the quad bikes, participating in races, were equipped with GPS-trackers, in online mode transferring the data about the racer location to the Wialon data center. And from the server the information was displayed on the screen of the central stage and sent to the organizers’ laptops that helped to render immediate aid in case of emergency, which unfortunately, happened rather frequently. Quad bikes flipped over, got stuck, ran into barriers, and just broke down, but the dispatcher, controlling the route passing by means of GPS tracking system, immediately notified the nearest judges room, which provided necessary assistance.

There were also funny moments according to Vladimir Fitenko, technical development manager of Overseer: «After the end of the race one of the racers didn’t waited till the moment when the GPS tracker was removed and went to the place of his accommodation – the cottage complex, not far from the place where the races were conducted. GPS tracker helped to define the route of the sportsman and with the help of a laptop and 3G modem, it took the mobile team of our company only several minutes to find the «fugitive» and return the missing device».

Let us remember that the history of Gurtam participation in such competitions started already in 2010 with a 37-day Peking to Paris rally, during which the owners of vintage and retro cars travelled the distance of 14360 kilometers and crossed the territory of China, Mongolia, Russia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Iran, Turkey, Greece, Italy and France. In 2011 and 2012 Gurtam became the official sponsor of open off-road quadro racing championship Can-Am Trophy Russia. Also, in summer 2012 Gurtam supported the traditional International Ukrainian Trophy Raid Championship Ukraine Trophy 2012, which took place along the Belarusian-Ukrainian border in the most beautiful places of Polesye (woodlands). And in September 2012 Gurtam became a sponsor of IJSBA 2012 World Offshore Championship, organized within the framework of APEC summit 2012, providing the possibility to monitor the sportsmen location through the Wialon Hosting GPS tracking platform.

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