New Year’s party: Gurtam vs. Aliens

Gurtam team at the New Year's party 2012 "Gurtam vs Aliens"Christmas and New Year holidays are over, and, surely, it’s high time to return to our extremely busy working days, but, as long as almost in every house you can still find a Christmas tree and smell the adorable spicy flavor of gingerbread and fir needles, we suggest to remember how we celebrated this wonderful, the world’s most beloved holiday and tell you about how Gurtam team welcomed New Year 2013.

The proverb says the New Year will be as good as you celebrate its coming, and today it may safely be said that the year 2013 will bring much fun for our company. Gurtam specialization is closely connected with the space, and do you now anyone who wasn’t dreaming in his childhood of becoming an astronaut, or didn’t want to see the aliens and find extraterrestrial intelligence? Children’s dreams should always come true, that’s why our company’s New Year party got the name «Gurtam vs. Aliens».

In order to make the New Year start perfect Gurtam specialists, dressed up as space heroes, had to fight with an alien monster, which turned to be very kind in reality, and in the end, as it always happens with professionals, – there were no losers in this «struggle»!


Gurtam specialists, dressed up as space heroes Winner of Best Alien Costume contest















Aliaksei Shchurko found his professional way in the early childhoodThe party program was very intense and left nobody indifferent. We saw the neon show «Gurtam», enjoyed the performance and master class from one of the best Belarusian magicians, who shared some of his fantastic secrets with our colleagues, listened to a gorgeous drum band, made a photo shoot with the Alien, organized a flashmob and even acted in a real theatrical performance.

A «Time machine» became quite a fascinating part of the New Year’s party. It gave a fabulous option for colleagues to get to know each other better and to recognize their office-neighbors as cute little kids on black-and-white pictures. The «Time machine» also helped to discover manifold things, for instance, that Gurtam CEO Aliaksei Shchurko has been dreaming of Space since the early childhood, so, one can draw the only conclusion – keep going and never stop believing, and the dream will certainly come true!

The New Year celebration without music and dancing, balloons and confetti? – No way! This year an amusing music – band «Drozdy» performed for our close-knit young team. Their songs made even very shy colleagues break into a dance.

We hope all our business partners and clients have celebrated Christmas and New Year holidays as great as we did, and we wish you only positive changes, surprises and new achievements in the New Year 2013!

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