«Money doll» with embedded GPS beacon prevents bank robbery

Vehicle fleet of Venbest, the largest security company in the Ukraine, is equipped with Wialon GPS tracking systemWialon makes life more secure — GPS tracking in security sphere takes up good positions. More and more large security companies in many countries of the world choose Wialon to perform their, literally, «vitally important» functions. Gurtam partner, Overseer, informed us about its successful project with the biggest private security company in Ukraine, Venbest, which decided to optimize the work of its mobile response groups by means of Wialon GPS tracking system, as well as managed to implement a unique project — innovation for the security system in banking sector.

Venbest has been performing its activity since 1996 and has passed a long way from the manufacturer of protective and firefighting equipment to a huge security organization: 14 branches all over the territory of Ukraine, more than 2000 employees, more than 17 thousand vehicles under twenty-four-hour surveillance, more than 100 full-day shifts of mobile response groups.

After careful market analysis Venbest set up 2 main tasks: control of its rather huge vehicle fleet (including cars of mobile response groups, technical support vehicles, administrative and delivery cars), as well as provision of the unique vehicle control services to the external agencies (immediate arrival of mobile response groups after pressing the alarm button or unauthorized opening of the shipped goods). Initially, in order to solve the set tasks the company specialists turned to one Ukrainian software developer, but the chosen solution proved to be inefficient, employees complained for weak software functionality, for the fact that work is possible only with the equipment of the software developer, and, accordingly, it was impossible to choose the equipment regarding the different purposes. That’s why Venbest referred to our partner, Overseer, with a top priority requirement — to connect the already installed equipment to the GPS tracking system. Wialon software complex is exactly suitable for solving this task, because it doesn’t depend on any equipment manufacturer, and that’s why Overseer, successfully working with Gurtam for more than three years, offered Wialon Pro as a server GPS tracking platform.

Overseer specialists needed only a day to launch the server on Venbest technological ground, and just in 24 hours the security service representatives received a comprehensive GPS tracking system, ready to connect hundreds of tracking units and users all over the territory of Ukraine, who should have only a computer with Internet access.

Venbest mobile response groups

The work for equipping Venbest vehicle fleet with GPS tracking system was divided into several stages: firstly they connected the cars of mobile response groups of the main office, than those cars in all the company branches, after that they equipped technical support, administrative and goods delivery cars. In view of the fact that Venbest holds a huge vehicle fleet, stretching across the whole territory of Ukraine, the process of equipment connection to Wialon Pro took approximately two months. But in fact, the project was successfully finished and the customer got what he wanted. After just a shot operating activity, company management pointed out many positive results: reduced time of response groups arrival (employees understand that they are under surveillance now), reduced time for searching the remote objects without the exact address — now a dispatcher can always help you and recommend the best suitable route, there are no unauthorized trips outside the response area, which, in its turn, reduced the costs for fuel and allowed to repay the expenditures for vehicles’ equipment just in 3 months. One more important advantage for Venbest — the possibility to look through the car travel history in case of emergency situations analyses, for example, while checking the measures taken during the real bank robberies.

For instance, very soon Venbest started offering GPS tracking services to external companies. First of all, this proposal was interesting to different banks throughout the whole territory of Ukraine, because besides GPS tracking Venbest provides also the services of the response groups. The service became popular also among the transportation companies, which often had to face with robberies from the moving trucks and thefts of extremely valuable cargo. Due to the installed navigation devices and Wialon GPS tracking system together with state security service and motor vehicle inspection units a special response for such emergency situations is organized.

"Money doll" with embedded GPS beaconBut Venbest decided not to rest on the laurels, and seeing the growing popularity of GPS tracking system, together with Overseer, developed a unique solution, which was the first such solution on the Ukrainian market — the so called «money dolls» with embedded GPS beacons. The solution is very simple and effective and helps to solve the urgent bank problems: informs central surveillance board about the taking out of money from the cash desk (after all, cashiers are also humans, and during the robbery, being in the state of shock, may not press the alarm button), and helps to find the robbers under the hot pursuit — as you know, bank robbery often takes only 1-2 minutes, and in the conditions of the modern city mobile response groups won’t be able to get to the crime scene in time. Therefore, embedded GPS beacon is a very useful innovation, allowing to trace the offender, who managed to escape.

Such a «doll» is already used in many branches of Kiev banks. In appearance it doesn’t have any differences from a common piece of money, but it has a built-in mini GPS beacon, which can work several days on the embedded battery. The efficiency of a new device was checked in practice: in the beginning of December 2012 there was a robbery in one of the Ukrainian banks. The «doll» with the GPS beacon occurred in the robber’s bag and started to transfer the coordinates to the data center, and it allowed to catch the robbers without any delay. Now this innovation in the security system is in great demand, and Venbest obtained plenty of new clients.

Vladimir Fitenko, technical development manager of Overseer, resumes: «Wialon GPS tracking system today is the best platform for rendering GPS tracking services at the professional level countrywide, preserving functional capabilities almost in all spheres of modern life. GPS tracking will gain more and more popularity in security sector, that’s why security companies that doesn’t use GPS tracking at least for their mobile response groups — will definitely loose competitive performance».

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