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Electronic map of Azerbaijan, created by CaspianNavTelToday GPS tracking is closely related to geoinformational technologies, which can be fairly called one of the most booming sections of software market. What is GIS? Geographic information systems — are first of all technologies, designed to capture, store, manipulate, analyze, manage, and present all types of geographical data and information related to the objects, presented in the system. Besides GPS tracking geoinformation systems are extensively applied in different spheres: natural resources management, agriculture, ecology, meteorology, urban planning, defence, as well as in many other sectors.

Geographic information systems include geographic information, i.e. various data about the objects, features or processes, distributed over a distance or territory, and accordingly, working with such gridded characteristics is the very essence of GIS. One of the whole range of GIS applications — is creation and work with electronic maps and atlases. At the heart of electronic maps there are digital maps, obtained by means of digitalization of map data sources, as well as by means of processing of images, made by special devices, nowadays usually located on board of air vehicles. And of cause, electronic maps gained wide popularity in the sphere of vehicle tracking, in particular for vehicle position determination.

Electronic map of Azerbaijan in Russian Gurtam partner, CaspianNavTel — is the largest company in Azerbaijan, dealing with the development of local electronic maps, corresponding software, installation of navigational equipment, as well as provision of GPS tracking services. CaspianNavTel is currently working and rendering GPS tracking services on the bases of Wialon Pro software platform to many large companies and organizations, such as: SOCAR — public oil and gas company in Azerbaijan, Emergency Situations Ministry, Bank of Baku — the largest private bank in Baku, KATV-1 — company, providing the services of cable TV and unlimited Internet on the territory of Azerbaijan, as well as many others.

Today CaspianNavTel has already finished the creation of electronic map, which completely covers the territory of the country, making satellite navigation available to everyone. Previously, Azerbaijan didn’t have such a technology, and CaspianNavTel is the first company, which created GPS navigation system on the bases of their own electronic map of the Republic in Wialon GPS tracking system . According to Sanan Ismayilov, CEO of CaspianNavTel: «For instance, we were developing the electronic map, as they say, from scratch. And in the result, today our atlas covers the whole territory of Azerbaijan and Georgia. Our map depicts all the existing roads even to the most “obscure” villages. In cities and regional centers all the roads have their own names and travelling directions. The map provides approximately 150 different POI, which cumulative number exceeds 60 thousands».

Electronic map not only provides the GPS tracking system user with all the necessary information about the best routes, addresses, different points of interest, but also about the road signs, which can be found along the chosen route. Map development — is a great achievement of CaspianNavTel specialists, who during a year and a half worked upon its creation without attracting public agencies, only by its own forces, and today CaspianNavTel can guarantee that it has the most detailed map of Azerbaijan and render the services for implementation of GPS tracking systems on the highest level.

Eventually, CaspianNavTel is determined to introduce GPS-technologies in many spheres of country’s activity, given that electronic map system has rather wide coverage, whithin which it can be used by transportation companies and car enthusiasts. Sanan Ismayilov mentions: «We have already successfully implemented our electronic map in tourism sector, GPS tracking of companies’ vehicle fleet, cargo tracking and other spheres. Electronic map provides the information about objects, shops, companies, availability of particular routes and many other things that can be interesting to everyone».

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