Ecodriving with Pointer Telocation equipment and Wialon Hosting GPS tracking system

New terminal from Pointer Telocation Cello IQ 50It is no secret that the possibility to analyze the driving behavior and style is a crucial issue today. Ecodriving helps to decrease fuel consumption by 16%, reduce the level of hazardous emissions to the atmosphere, as well as significantly improve road safety. Good driving practice shortens the overall trip time, increases the average speed, as well as significantly reduces the time, spent for «stop-and-go» in a traffic flow, by means of early braking, while approaching the stop-light and getting into a «green wave». Therefore, eco-friendly drivers, save more and get to the destination earlier.

Gurtam long-time business partner Pointer Telocation — one of the leading GPS tracking equipment manufacturers, which devices constantly enjoy popularity among users due to their functional capabilities and quality, introduced a new terminal IQ 50, which, among other advantages, provides the possibility to analyze the driving habits of a driver, provided that source data processing is performed by the device itself, and ready reports are transferred to the accepting server.

This opportunity is particularly important for car rental agencies, transporters and courier services. It’s well known that damages, suffered by rented and leased cars, are often made due to the irresponsible driving behavior, leading to significant expenses for repair and technical maintenance of vehicles, as well fuel costs.

Analyzing driving habits in Wialon Hosting

Therefore, Cello IQ registers and transfers the reports about the vehicle condition (engine condition, time of working at idle and running time), driver’s behavior in terms of preliminary fixed event set and source data of dangerous driving («security» function), alarm events and source data for emergency situations («event recorder» function) for further event reconstruction, and also in terms of data about wasteful driving habits, if speaking about fuel consumption and accelerated depreciation of vehicle subsystems (ecodriving) and other information. Herewith, all the abovementioned reports are implemented in Wialon Hosting GPS tracking system, that’s why there is no need to use additional software for processing the data, coming from IQ 50. To see the device in action, watch this video.

Terminal IQ 50 has very compact dimensions, user-friendly interface and the whole range of unique engineering solutions. Terminal has a build-in GPS antenna with a possibility to connect an external one. This solution provides the possibility to duplicate the work of external antenna in case of its damage, for example, in case of driver’s interference. SIM card holder — time-proved Amfenol SimLock, voltage regulator is implemented at 3-Amp LM22670, GSM antenna is build-in, unsoldered at the butt end of the printed board. Applied GPRS modem — quad-band Telit GE864-QUAD Automotive V2 with low profile, extended temperature, increased electromagnetic radiation safety, corresponds to all vehicle standards of M2M market. As a battery backup the terminal uses high quality LiPol battery with the capacity of 1000 mAh. Central processing unit — STMicroelectronics STM32F103, ARM®Cortex™-M3.

In a set with the device itself the company supplies all the necessary equipment for device assembling to the vehicle. In order to program, adjust and test the equipment Pointer Telocation created a software environment, which helps new integrators to perform fine adjustment of equipment for particular tasks. The device has a user-friendly interface, tool tips helps easily to understand the programming of any function or device parameter. Distinctive feature of the device is the quantity and quality of available additional accessories and sensors. Particularly for terminal IQ 50 the company created some special accessories, for example protective silicone case, and from now the integrators won’t have to look for safety accessories somewhere else to protect the device from external damages.

In general we should say that IQ 50 — is a high quality device with unique solutions and functionality. According to Igor Rogov, vice-president for technology and development of Cellocator Division, Pointer Telocation: «We use only top technologies and, of cause, users appreciate it. Together with qualitative device firmware it ensures stable and fail-safe performance in the most complicated and severe operating conditions. During the whole testing process, there were no device operating failures due to the excellent engineers work».

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