Gurtam launched a special Developer portal

Just recently Gurtam launched a new web-resource, which will be interesting to all software developers, working with Remote API and JavaScript API for Wialon family of products. From now on all the data necessary for the development will be concentrated in one place.

What is the essence of a new project?

Gurtam developers created a special instrument for software specialists SDK (Software Development Kit), which represents a complex of tools, helping external developers to create their own applications for mobile devices, working on Wialon platform, broaden the system functionality, as well as integrate Wialon solutions with external applications.

Data access is performed by means of Remote API and JavaScript API. While working with Remote API you get the access to the information by means of low level HTTP (hypertext transfer protocol) requests. Such method is suitable for the development of your own websites, applications for mobile devices and integration with the external apps.

By using JavaScript API you get the access to the data and functions of Wialon Hosting and Wialon Kit in you own web-application by means of JavaScript, which provides a wonderful opportunity to shorten the time, spent for the development of a web-application, since the basic mechanisms have already been implemented by Gurtam programmers.

Therefore, SDK provides data access and allows broadening the functionality of Wialon Hosting and Wialon Kit by virtue of new applications, the access to which is performed from the GPS tracking system.

Previously, as you know, all the necessary information was stored in User documentation, and now, Gurtam developers have created a special portal, where all the documents, concerning the developments for Wialon software solutions will be located.

The portal is divided into three main sections, each one dedicated to a separate Wialon product: Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) cost-effective system Wialon Hosting, a top software solution that you can install on your own server Wialon Pro and an open-source platform Wialon Kit.

Three main sections of the Developer portal

At the present moment all the RemoteAPI documentation for Wialon Hosting, Wialon Kit, as well as RemoteAPI documentation for Wialon Pro 1301 is available in two languages: Russian and English. Our developers have also significantly extended the example base for JS API, as well as created Javascript Playground instrument, which provides the possibility to edit the online example and view the results of your work at the very same time.

In order to evaluate the offered opportunities personally, visit Developer portal by Gurtam, as well as discuss all the burning issues in a special brunch of Gurtam forum.

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