Special offer for ADM 300 terminals, developed by GLONASSsoft and Neomatika

New ADM 300 terminal, produced by GLONASSsoft and NeomatikaOn March 25th, GLONASSasoft and Neomatika announced the launch of a special competitive advantage.

New ADM300 terminal includes a range of unique features that set it apart from other similar devices for GPS vehicle tracking. The key feature of the device is its built-in GLONASS/GPS antennas, and a whole bunch of additional advantages.

  • Meets the requirements and standards of the Order No. 285 of the Russian Ministry of Transport.
  • Simple and fast installation. Terminal assembling takes less time, because there is no need to install antennas and seal the connectors.
  • Sabotage resistance. Due to the absence of external elements, the possibility to damage, screw, or wrack them is excluded.
  • Reliability. Built-in antennas are tested together with the basic unit and exclude the possibility to buy a defective antenna.
  • Weight. Fully packaged terminal with a battery, passport and package, weighs only 175 grams, which is in general twice less than terminals with external antennas.
  • Possibility to connect frequency, pulse, discrete, analog, digital sensors and additional equipment.
  • Low maintenance costs.

To learn more detailed information and discuss all the advantages of new ADM 300 terminals visit Gurtam forum.

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