Wialon Hosting GPS tracking system: update dd. 10.03.2013

New updated version of Wialon Hosting as of March 10, 2013 will include the following innovations.

Different colors can be used now to show the unit name on the map. By default, unit names on the map are red. However, now you can choose any other color and even set different colors for different units — in the unit properties at the «Advanced» tab. In order to make unit names clearly destinguished from the map elements, the text has a white outline (as in geofences and POI).

Different colors can be used now to show the unit name on the map

Besides, the library of icons, which can be used for units displaying, has also been renewed. You can find new icons at the relevant tab in the unit properties dialog.

If you want to avoid the situation when a unit may have several drivers assigned to it, use the flag «Exclusive» in drivers’ properties. If a driver with such a flag is bound to a unit, other previously assigned drivers are reset automatically. The similar option exists concerning trailers. In order to use this function correctly you should consider several issues, which are described in details in the documentation.

In the update as of March 10, new columns appear in the Geofences table — «Consumed by ImpFCS/AbsFCS/InsFCS/FLS/math/rates» and «Avg consumption by ImpFCS/AbsFCS/InsFCS/FLS/math/rates». Now you can get information about fuel in your report on geofences just selecting the appropriate columns in the report template.

The table «Sensor tracing» now includes a new option — «Each sensor in a separate column». If you choose this option, the columns «Values» or/and «Formatted value» will be generated for each sensor individually (sensor name is given in brackets then). This allows exporting sensor values to MS Excel and eventually build various charts and diagrams on this basis.

Each sensor in a separate column

Fuel consumption computation algorithms are also improved. In particular, the option «Time-based fuel level sensors calculation» is divided into three sub-sections:

  • Time-based calculation of fillings;
  • Time-based calculation of thefts;
  • Time-based calculation of fuel consumption.

Therefore, now it is possible to calculate the fillings volume by mileage, and the volume of thefts and consumption — by time. It provides the opportunity to avoid the situation, when the theft, made right after the filling, was just subtracted from the filling volume.

Taking into account new settings, the position of elements on the «Fuel consumption» tab in the unit properties dialog has also changed.


Wialon Apps


There are two more new apps for Wialon Hosting — «Track Player» and «Gurtam Maps».

«Track Player» is an alternative version of the same-name instrument in Wialon Hosting user interface, but it is distinguished by a range of the following advantages:

  • You can build several tracks and play them simultaneously;
  • Event markers with the information in the tool tips are displayed on the map;
  • Unit moving on the map is smooth, without jerking;
  • Convenient interface for moving along the timeline, changing the time of playing and tracking the values of different parameters and sensors.

As a graphic layer you can use Gurtam or Google maps (Streets and Satellite). The time frame for all the simultaneously built tracks should be the same.

New apps for Wialon Hosting — «Track Player»

«Gurtam Maps» — a simple application for working with the same-name maps. Allows to search the place on the map by given key words (SAS), and define the address by double-click on the map (SAG).

«Delivery service » app has also been improved. The schedule of points visiting now can embrace the period within the whole week. There are two providers for calculating the optimal route — Google and Yandex. Route can be laid by the roads, and additional parameters can be applied to it (time optimization, fixing of the first/last point point and etc.). After the route optimization it can be easily saved in Wialon Hosting GPS tracking system and use for controlling unit movement upon the set points.

You can download new and already existing apps, as well as receive more detailed information about them by using the following link: http://apps.wialon.com.



Documentation now includes a list of browser supported audio file formats, which can be used as a signal for a new incoming online-notification.

We would like also to draw your attention to the fact that the updated documentation for developers is now available at: http://sdk.wialon.com/wiki/en/sidebar/start.

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