Wialon Pro — new version 1301

New version of Wialon Pro GPS tracking solution dd. March 04, 2013 includes a range of innovations and modifications, among which the most significant are the following: software development kit (SDK) and completely redesigned interface.


Wialon Pro 1301 has its own development toolkit — SDK. With its’ help it is possible to create applications for mobile devices, broaden the functionality of the system, as well as integrate Wialon Pro with third-party applications. Access to the data is performed by means of Remote API.

SDK is connected as an additional package, separate from ActiveX.

Warning! At present route control is not implemented in SDK.

Interface Design

Wialon Pro GPS tracking solution interface has been completely redesigned. All the buttons and icons are redrawn, fonts and styles are renewed. New «Space» palette will please a user’s eye by its freshness and up-to-dateness.

Wialon Pro redesigned interface


Some interface elements changed their location. The menu with the choice of panels («Monitoring», «Tracks», «My places» and etc.) is now located horizontally and a user can constantly see it, if the map mode is selected. It makes navigation through panels more comfortable and fast.

Four buttons for display modes regulation were added:

  • show only map;
  • show map and left panel;
  • show map and log;
  • show map, left panel and log.

They can be found in the right part of the upper panel. Therefore, the open/close buttons of log and work space, which earlier were located in the lower panel, do not further exist.

Many habitual buttons are now presented graphically. For example, in many panels you can find a button for creating new elements, or an import/export button, corresponding to all the modern usability standards.

Additional windows, such as instruments, online-notifications and drivers’ messages became «floating». It means that you can drag it upon the display, by pulling down the window heading. Besides, the position, set by the user, is memorized till the next opening.

Additional windows, such as instruments, online-notifications and drivers’ messages became «floating»

Warning! New design of Wialon Pro 1301 does not presuppose changing of color skins (fonts, color palette, etc.).

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