Summer Regional Conference by Gurtam shall take place in Georgia!

«Ambasadori» comfortable hotel and golf-club, located in the area of KachretiWithin the last couple of years there’s been a remarkable tendency of holding the regional conferences, which are becoming a good networking platform for our partners. Last summer, 2 such events were held: “Telematics 2012” held in Perm, and a second regional conference in Kiev.

Both conferences gained a lot of attention, having greatly encouraged our partner-community, which is expanding on a daily basis.  Moreover, it was a chance for many of our colleagues to meet each other in person.

This summer, another regional conference, supported by «United Security» company, our engaged partners, will run in Georgia. This year, the management of the company, Gurtam CEO – Aliaksei Shchurko; Chief Marketing Officer, Aliaksandr Kuushynau and the Technical Support manager, Viacheslav Krival will represent the company during the event.

Marvelous region of Georgia — the sunny winery of KakhetiThe conference will run in June, from 26 to 28, in a marvelous region of Georgia — the sunny winery of Kakheti. «Ambasadori» comfortable hotel and golf-club, located in the area of Kachreti, especially famous for its own winery, shall be the heavenly spot to host the participants of the conference. When it comes to entertainment, the guided tours over the historic places of the country will be held, in particular, the partners will be offered to visit the historic “city of love”  — Signagi, a small city, located on the mountain shoulder of Kakheti,  the main sight of which is the fortress of Signagi, listed as one of the largest and most famous fortresses of Georgia.

For those wishing to participate in the summer regional conference by Gurtam, please proceed with filling out the application form and submitting it to the following address: not later than June 1. We have to remind you that the number of participants is limited, therefore please avoid postponing your registration till the last moment. Also, there are discounts for participants’ fees for those registered before June 1!

To learn more about the conference and the participants, please go to our forum, where the topic is sufficiently covered.

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