The Cycling Race Opening as a Cue to Perform the Tracker-Test

Cycling race opening in Saint- Petersburg «There’s a sound mind in a sound body» is a hoary phrase, which nowadays seems truer than ever. Our company is actively engaged in facilitating the multi-format sporting events by means of integrating the GPS tracking Systems in the course of sporting activities.

In such a way, our Wialon tracking software solutions have been successfully implemented during the open-road Quadra-series of the «Can-Am Trophy» Russia championship, cross-country «Forest Hills» competitions, Beijing – Paris Rally, as well as the World Championship on Offshore racing for 2012 IJSBA held in the framework of the Jet Ski World Offshore Tournament.

When it comes to cycling, the «EuroMobile» company», our engaged partner in St. Petersburg, has kindly shared with us, that the Annual spring opening of the national cycling season turns into one of the grandest cycling events in the northern capital of Russia, organized by the «Forum Search» club for the 16th consecutive year.

This year an unprecedented number of participants is expected – over 2500 cyclists, travelling a distance of 60 km, shall join us setting the opening of the festival.

According to the organizers: «The opening of the season is by no means a brutal race in itself! It’s a cycling holiday, which celebrates the joyous coming of spring, love, and friendship! A great networking opportunity, accompanied by the fresh spring air and the lively motion in the spirit of ‘cycling’ enthusiasm!»

This race, however, shall be different! The event shall not only be the sporting activity as such, but will also provide a good opportunity for testing your various personal trackers. It’s no wonder that nowadays finding a good personal tracker is becoming a huge challenge.

All kinds of companies – including those who have tested and tried out loads of personal GPS trackers, and those holding on to practice of utilizing the same equipment for years, are still actively searching for their perfect solutions.

Dmitry Gamov, the chief officer of the monitoring systems department of «EuroMobile», said: «We’ve been long seeking to perform an independent comparative trackers-test. Eventually, due to the joint efforts of our sports staff, there’s now a great opportunity to do so. We have come to pool together as many different personal trackers as possible, and, by using the Wialon Hosting software, performed the quality comparison of many different devices».

At the moment “EuroMobile” is seeking to test 6 personal trackers such as:

Major cycling event in Saint-Petersburg



1. Teltonika GH3000

2. Queclink GL100M

3. Queclink GL200

4. Queclink GT100P

5. Meitrack MT90

6. Xexun TK-102



The manufacturers of other navigational equipment and GPS and GLONASS tracking systems are also encouraged to participate. If you wish to add a tracker to the list, please call +7 812 331-75 76, ext. 2110 or 8 800-555-75-76 or contact us via our forum. For the results of the competition please see the stalls of «Euromobile» and Gurtam at «Navitech-2013» exhibition.

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