Wialon Hosting Updates are Opening up new Avenues!

The team of Gurtam developers are continuously improving the functional properties of our Wialon Hosting tracking systems. Parameters for future updates are established not solely by Gurtam management, but also massively supplemented by the references and recommendations from our various partners. For more detailed and comprehensive discussions of operational features there’s a forum to aid our partners in outlining the key concepts. In such a manner, Wialon Hosting is diligently updated and perfected with a view to our customers’ preferences.

In this read we shall delve upon several updates and developments to Wialon Hosting, coming in force in the nearest future.

The new rendering of object groups on the monitoring panel will be effectuated as one of the most anticipated updates. The primary suggestion on the creation of bidirectional object lists was first mentioned on our forum in 2010. However, due to the technical barriers we could not fully implement the concept in practice. The related discussions were renewed this year, gaining unbelievable support from a vast number of our present partners.

The concept envisages the possibility of viewing the plain list of objects in the tracking regime, as well as interact with groups simultaneously «exposing» the group contents, opt out and reflect the groups selected. The switching of our users to «groups + objects» operational regime is massively expected, and the plain list regime shall quickly lose its applicability. The object bar filter has also been integrated offering an optimized search option, focusing on both – objects and groups.

New implementation of unit groups in Wialon Hosting monitoring panel

Furthermore, the logically related suggestion on analogous grouping of geofences and POI has so far been postponed. Although the user interface can technically support this application, for analytical purposed the definition of «geofence group» and « POI group» shall not be distinguished. Therefore, we shall get back to this application later.

Besides,with the dashboard displaying the address of the object next to its name bar, based on various suggestions collected from the forum, we have enabled the option of choosing between the address of the geofence.

Visible changes have embraced our charts. It came from the forum that standard color lines, used by Wialon Hosting, are not clearly distinguished, and our users would prefer choosing the colors themselves. Having tried several ranges, we have spotted the one which would totally save the trouble of manual color selection. We have significantly improved the charts. They will now be displayed in landscape mode centering all the tracking data, which can be made available by clicking on the prompt messages.

Charts in Wialon Hosting are performed in a new color scheme

The import/export toolbar has also been optimized, and now there’s an option of locally exporting the groups of objects. The same concept is applied to the users.

GPS trackers list, integrated with Wialon Hosting, will shortly amount to 500. We have diligently elaborated on the dropdown menu, which until now complicated the process of getting to the 283rd or 345rd position on the list… This field now avails of a dynamic filter, actively used in Wialon Hosting. Also, next to the list box only the popular toolbars shall be displayed.

Among the 500 types of devices there will be more of those, having 2 or even more SIM-cards. For the full-fledged work to commence, there was a suggestion to accomplish the object properties with the second phone number, which we did. This update has perfected the signal sent to the device, which is now directed to either the main number, mentioned in object properties, or the second one, if stated in the settings.

According to the users’ requests, certain updates have covered the notifications bar, enabling the users to add the object to the dashboard by clicking on it.

And these are just the few novelties, currently being underway in our company. Thus, we shall keep you posted on our progress. Thank you for your engagement and your valuable contributions to Wialon Hosting.

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