Anisa Al-Sendy shares her impressions of India

Anisa Al-Sendy represents Gurtam at Vehicle Tracking for Logistics & Supply Chain 2013 in India

Those, who tend to follow Gurtam life in social networks have already read about the Vehicle Tracking for Logistics & Supply Chain 2013, visited by our colleague Anisa Al-Sendy, who traveled to India and presented Wialon during this annual conference. Today she shared her vivid impressions of this fascinating country and, surely, the event itself.

This year the one-day Vehicle Tracking for Logistics & Supply Chain 2013 conference was held in one of the most luxurious five star hotels in New Delhi — The Leela Palace. In the very early morning the hotel welcomed the conference participants and guests from different countries — all in all the event gathered approximately 100 people.

Inspite of the terrible 400C heat, habitual for India, but exhausting for the guests of the country, the conference day passed in a very fruitful and prolific manner. The participants and guests managed to represent their products, get acquainted with the situation at the GPS tracking market of India, find the solutions, really appropriate for their business purposes, develop new business contacts and learn a lot of new relevant information.

The conference was divided into three main blocks: VTS (Vehicle Tracking System) as an ecosystem, VTS — solutions & case studies, VTS — relevance, requirement & usage. The event gathered navigation hardware manufacturers, GPS tracking and fleet management solution developers, and even end-users, who shared their personal experience in this sphere, told about the difficulties they face, as well as about their wishes and requirements towards the hard- and software.

This year the conference was attended by Gurtam partner in India Technoton Sensors, official provider of fuel management solutions, designed and manufactured by Technoton, Belarus, represented by the Head of Sales department Andrew Anpilogov. Technoton Sensors CEO Alexandre Lousine dedicated his presentation to the rapidly increasing value of fuel consumption tracking and control, as one of the key points of fleet management. The topic appeared to be really burning, cause according to the words of previous speakers it became clear that very often Indian GPS vehicle tracking service providers are not armed with adequate solutions, allowing to track fuel level and prevent its draining.

Wialon software solutions presentation during Vehicle Tracking for Logistics & Supply Chain 2013 conference in India

Technoton Sensors has a vast experience of successful operation at Indian market and provides high-quality solutions, proven directly in the reality of Indian roads and harsh climatic conditions. Alexandre Lousine vividly demonstrated the work of their equipment and Wialon software solutions, further represented by our colleague Anisa, who paid special attention to the flexibility of Wialon software that supports 600 types of navigation devices, including the whole range of different sensors.

The intriguing peculiarity of this conference over the other similar international events was introduced by the end-user speakers. They described the real GPS tracking market situation in India, as well as highlighted the amazing prospects for its further development, cause if in the year 2000 just a few percent of the country population knew about the possibility of vehicle tracking, in the year 2003 — this number increased fivefold, and today 60% of all companies acknowledge the benefits and are thinking of implementing GPS tracking systems at their enterprises.

But even now among the distinct features of contemporary Indian market we can mention the fact that large companies management is wary of implementing GPS tracking and fleet management systems, and despite realizing the real benefits, many of them are still not ready to bear the corresponding expenses. But it’s just the matter of time, and Indian GPS tracking market is currently gathering pace and becoming a popular platform for developing and introducing GPS tracking and fleet management software solutions.

The end-users also mentioned that frequently in order to organize proper working with modern GPS vehicle tracking systems they lack qualified specialists, impeding the use of all the systems’ broad functionality and advantages. This issue exists not only in India, and that’s the reason why Gurtam developed Wialon training and certification program.

What else can we think of when speaking about distinctions of Indian navigation market from those markets all over the world? India is an enormously huge country, with busy traffic, drastic climate and its own driving behavior patterns. Indian users don’t pay any attention towards the brand popularity all over the world: efficient work and affordable cost of the offered solutions play a crucial role for them.

Anisa Al-Sendy visited fabulous Taj Mahal, the masterpiece of the Muslim culture in India

By the evening the official program was over, and communication continued at companies’ booths, where all the guests could ask some questions and discuss further cooperation prospects, exchange contacts, as well as estimate the work of the offered solutions by their own eyes.

But how could one travel to India and not visit the most prominent beauty sights of this gorgeous and amazingly diverse country. Anisa managed to see and appreciate the ultimate treasure — fabulous Taj Mahal, the masterpiece of the Muslim culture in India, preserving the ancient story of eternal love. Also, our colleague visited several other famous places, attracting tourists from all over the world: Agra Fort and Akbar’s Tomb. Sharing her impressions about the trip Anisa mentions: «India is a fabulous country, with one of the oldest and richest culture and traditions, with magnificent temples and famous monuments, which just can’t leave anybody indifferent. And at the same time India is a huge market, presenting enormous potential for business, including GPS tracking systems development and promotion. I’m proud of my region and hope that in future sales result in India will grow fast».

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