Bike race as a playground for personal trackers independent testing — drawing results

Dmitry Gamov from EuroMobile is ready to test personal trackersAs we’ve recently mentioned in our weblog, every spring the start of the cycling season becomes one of the largest and most significant bike events of the Northern Capital of Russia, organized for the 16th time at the end of April. This year the event attracted not only the attention of professional bike racers and cycling amateurs, but also GPS tracking experts, who decided to get wants and needs met, namely, to take part in the race and carry out an independent comparison test of personal trackers.

Today navigation hardware market is in progress, and the choice of personal trackers is so wide that sometimes it’s a real challenge to choose the one, meeting all your needs and requirements. That’s the reason why EuroMobile, Gurtam partner in Saint-Petersburg, decided to conduct their own testing and compare the performance of several popular personal trackers at the race distance, comprising 60 km.

The independent comparison included seven personal tracking devices: Teltonika GH1202, Queclink GL200, GlobusGPS TR1mini, Meitrack MT-90, GlobalSat TR-206, Xexun TK-102, Queclink GL100М. First of all let us say that if you were waiting for bombshell, EuroMobile survey didn’t bring any — predictably, all the devices acted nearly the same way. But yet, the testing helped EuroMobile representatives to find out some peculiar qualities and advantages of one tracker over the others.

Let’s start with configuration peculiarities of tested GPS devices. Our Russian colleagues figured out that the most convenient configurator is represented by Meitrack MT-90 personal tracker. It’s absolutely clear and user-friendly, so the «racers» faced no difficulties configuring the device. EuroMobile specialists found Queclink configurator also rather intuitive, but as they mention, it could be just due to their rich experience in dealing with this devices. Unfortunately, Xexun TK-102 was disqualified during the configuration stage, cause during the whole two hours our Russian colleagues didn’t manage to make the device send the data to the server, even though it responded to all the configuring SMS-notifications correctly.

Now some words about the event chronology. Testing began simultaneously with the cycling race start at 11 a.m. Our partners in St. Petersburg acknowledge the unfortunate fail that happened from the very beginning: they were sure that Queclink GL100М is switched on, but actually, it was not. Among the reasons for this sad mistake they mention not very convenient start button of the device. The first stop was made at 12.30 p.m. near the Tarkhovka settlement. Racers had another break at 14.00 p.m. somewhere near Konnaya Lakhta, and, just in accordance with the plan, they reached the finish line at the Palace Square at 15.00 p.m. After the race all the trackers went to the Mokhovaya street in a backpack, and further traveled on a back seat of a car.

Further, to provide proofs, we decided to show you several screenshots, depicting the work of each tracker: overall track, crossing smooth turns and sharp corners. To compare our colleagues chose two same route parts, most fully displaying the devices’ performance.

Full track, depicted by all tested personal trackers

Overlapping the tracks, made by different personal trackers, we can do one weighty conclusion: from a bird’s eye view the tracks look vastly similar. And if it’s necessary to find out just an approximate person’s location, any tracker can easily help you.

Track, showing the smooth turns, passed by the racers

Bike race participants, representing EuroMobile, noted that the track, made by Teltonika tracker, looked slightly worse than other tracks. Queclink GL200 also has some troubles with depicting sharp turns, but it’s actually acceptable for any other personal tracking device without the intelligent tracking function. By the way, GlobusGPS TR1mini towards the end of the route made a huge leap over the city. But, probably, we can excuse it, cause it was travelling under the hard top roof of the car, which is not the best environment. Therefore, passing the turns, tracker performed very well, and depicted sharp turns very clearly. As we’ve already mentioned, the best track was shown by Meitrack MT-90, which, having the intelligent tracking function, depicted all the slightest moves of the racer very distinctly. Good result was also provided by GlobalSat TR-206.

Track, showing the sharp corners, passed by the racers


In conclusion of this independent survey we’d like to say that the best impression was produced by Meitrack MT-90, which made such a sound track and, moreover, worked for 11 hours and, in fact, won the attention of GPS tracking professionals, represented by EuroMobile specialists.

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