Can-Am Trophy Russia 2013: new stage — new impressions

Can-Am Trophy Russia 2013: 1 round in SuzdalMay, 17-19, Vladimir region (Russia) — Here we’re again with the news about the first round of annual open off-road quad series Can-Am Trophy Russia 2013. According to the organizers and multiple admirers of the competition, this year season opening was really great: new routes, new event format, as well as numerous unforgettable adventures.

Can-Am Trophy Russia tournament long ago found its own place in the hearts of quad-sport amateurs and became one of the most popular sporting events in Russia. During the history of this contest, several thousand sportsmen from different parts of the country took part in the series, and thousands of fans on a regular basis keep track of the course of events with the help of Wialon Hosting GPS tracking system, every year providing the possibility to support your favorite teams.

Rosan, Can-Am Trophy organizer in Russia, during four years of successful event holding stands for its ultimate principle: each round should be unique, distinguished from the previous ones.

That’s why this year it was decided to hold Can-Am Trophy Russia in a new format of rally-raid, preserving only several trophy elements.

During the first day of the contest, on May 18, the racers could appreciate a new rally raid route made especially for the occasion. Due to the special equipment (roadbook), the teams had to cover the distance of 210 km. This stage was actually won by the racers, professionally getting geographical bearings and being effective teamwork players. And next day, on Sunday, the racers struggled on a traditional country cross route section, literally full of various obstacles. The route passed in a barrow pit in the territory of Suzdal tourist center, and gathered а huge crowd of spectators and sports fans.

Can-Am Trophy Russia organizers admit that this year the tournament gathered the largest audience ever. 90 racers from Moscow, Saint-Petersburg, Kazan, Yekaterinburg, Vladimir and other cities took part in the 1 round of the event. SSV group (side-by-side ATVs) attracted 18 teams. From the very beginning, while passing the first special section, the leadership was won by Artem Khairullin and Alexandr Demidov (Moscow), who didn’t gave up their position and in the end celebrated indisputable victory in SSV group. Silver and bronze medals went to Stanislav Trilyev and Aleksei Volokitin (Yekateringurg) and Inna Martyanova and Victor Shmelkov (Moscow) respectively.

Close-fought battle during the 1 round of Can-Am Trophy Russia 2013
Speaking about country cross competition there was no one better than Sergei Karyakin and Ilya Molchanov (Yekaterinburg/Kaliningrad), who won the first place in this section. The second place went to Kirill Yershov/Sergei Shelenkov (Obninsk/Moscow), and the bronze was won by Ivan Malikov/Pavel Luzyanov (Moscow), actually for the first time getting on the Can-Am Trophy Russia winner’s podium.

In absolute classification the luck again favored the team of Artem Khairullin and Alexandr Demidov, who demonstrated top performance and occupied the first rating line.

There we go with the results of the first stage of the off-road quad series, but don’t worry, there’s much more to come, cause the second round of the tournament is expected be no less fascinating, and will start in high summer, July 26-28 in Bugulma (Tatarstan).

All the rounds of Can-Am Trophy Russia 2013 are supported by on-line tracking with the help of Naviset GPS tracking devices and Wialon SW, installed in all the quad bikes. Naviset GT-20 trackers transfer the data with the coordinates and vehicle condition, received from GLONASS and GPS satellites, to Wialon Data Center. It definitely helps to enhance the reliability and accuracy of racer location coordinates, as well as reduces the time, necessary for scoring and results calculation.

The use of Wialon Hosting GPS tracking system also helps to improve the level of security, which was announced as a major priority during the Can-Am series 2013. In case if a racer needs emergency medical help, he can just press SOS button, notifying the organizers, who will receive the SMS-notification with coordinates and send the evacuation team. But I’m happy to say that all these measures were introduced just to be on the safe side. The first round of the tournament, luckily, passed without serious emergencies, and hopefully, the series will continue the same way.

And finally, what about the top prize, waiting for the winner of Can-Am Trophy Russia 2013? I reckon it definitely worth fighting! This year Rosan created a new prize fund, according to which, the racer, showing the best score following the results of the whole series, will get the novelty of the season — new SSV Can-Am Maverick. Let’s wish good luck to all the racers and keep track of the new rounds together.

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