Don’t forget! Satellite Tracking Day is waiting for you on Sunday

In Gurtam calendar the Satellite Tracking Day is marked with an asteriskOn Sunday, June 2, all the GPS and GLONASS tracking professionals will celebrate their professional holiday — Satellite Tracking Day. This holiday is rather young and doesn’t have such a long history as, for example, Cosmonautics Day, but last year this wonderful occasion was joyfully welcomed by all the «satellite world» representatives.

How it all began. Two years ago, in a rather distant already 2011, Gurtam decided that such a rapidly growing sector as GPS tracking and navigation, needs its own professional holiday. Without much ado, our company translated words into deeds and established it’s own tradition, connecting everyone involved in the sphere of GPS tracking.

The date was chosen very carefully, cause we wanted not just to choose the day, free of any other holidays, but the one, associated with a significant occasion and corresponding to the peculiar features of our work. Therefore, we fixed on June 2, the official Birthday of Baikonur spaceport, world-known as the place where the first man-made Earth satellite was launched.

During Gurtam partner conference «Telematics-2011» all the participants — representatives of 46 companies, professionally dealing with GPS tracking sphere: navigation equipment manufacturers, operators and integrators of GPS tracking and fleet management systems, — signed the letter, drafted by Gurtam, and sent it to the ministries of Russia, Belarus, Ukraine and Kazakhstan with the request to support our company’s initiative and make this holiday official.

As a matter of fact, today in 2013 we still can’t boast the official recognition of this holiday, but nothing stops us from making this holiday special and celebrating it properly with our colleagues. Last summer, on June 2, 2012, Gurtam team had a fabulous holiday, showing a great example to all the numerous community of GPS tracking market professionals.

This year, we wish all our partners, as well as those, whose work is directly connected to the sphere of GPS tracking and navigation, to feel the part of unified professional community, part of the team, and not to miss this Day and celebrate it in a wonderful company of your workmates. And that is just exactly what Gurtam is aiming to do, but a bit later during the traditional Gurtam summer corporate party, about which I will also write here slightly later. Stay tuned and celebrate Satellite Tracking day together with us.

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