First GPS tracker by Garage-GPS, Kazakhstan

The first GPS/GLONASS tracker, produced by Garage-GPSJust recently, we’ve learned that our partner in Kazakhstan, Garage-GPS, launched a new series of GPS/GLONASS trackers under its own brand. This piece of news worth special attention, that’s why I called our colleagues from Garage-GPS, firstly, to congratulate them with successful implementation of such a large-scale project, and of cause, to find out more information about what this tracker is actually like?

And now I hasten to share this interesting data, so to say, from the first hand provided by the developers of this new GPS/GLONASS tracker, produced in Kazakhstan.

For a start, let me remind you that Garage-GPS has been successfully operating at GPS tracking market since 2009. During these years it reached leading positions, providing GPS tracking services, based on Wialon software solutions, to the legal entities, and in 2011 was recognized as the best Wialon distributor in Kazakhstan. And now, our Garage colleagues mention that it’s high time to explore the retail business, and sell GPS tracking services and navigation hardware to the individuals.

According to Alexei Biryukov, Garage Marketing and Advertising Manager: «The idea to bring our own product to the market appeared in 2012. Together with our main partner supplying the hardware, Ruptela, we started the joint production of a new series of trackers. I can say that only 32% of the new device is produced in Kazakhstan, cause all the «guts» (mother boards, microchips, etc.), used in this product, are produced by Ruptela, Lithuania».

Answering the question about the main advantages and peculiarities of a new GPS/GLONASS tracker Alexei provided me with the following info: firstly, hardware supports remote control, so you can make the firmware update and change the configuration remotely, without approaching the device itself; secondly, trackers has a reliable protection from voltage jumps, i.e. do nicely with older machinery with unstable power supply, without additional risks and supplementary equipment; thirdly, the device directly, without any extra adapters, supports CAN bus of both light and heavy vehicles; fourthly, according to the manufacturers, only the highest-quality time-tested components go for this tracker.

Garage-GPS vividly expressed their confidence in the new GPS/GLONASS tracker, saying: «We provide a lifetime warranty for our new GPS/GLONASS tracker».

Gurtam partner Garage-GPS launched a new GPS/GLONASS tracker, made in KazakhstanInteresting fact is that Garage-GPS, is not the first Gurtam partner, who, being the GPS tracking service operator and integrator, started to produce its own navigation equipment. More and more companies, among which our Russian partners Standard and Arusnavi, now have their own GPS tracking devices. According to Garage-GPS representative, for today the company can be called the first navigation hardware manufacturer in Kazakhstan, allowing them to make ambitious future plans: «Today we conquered Kazakhstan, tomorrow — Russia and Ukraine».

This is actually all that I managed to find out about this new bug-tracker by Garage-GPS, except for one little detail, which attracted everyone’s attention. Why has Garage chosen namely a bug, usually not associated with anything pleasant? Alexei answered: «On the tracker’s package box you can see a «bug», but according to our idea it should symbolize not a spy bug, interfering the personal life, but vice versa, serves as a convenient security system for its owner, preventing the offender from committing something bad».

Again, our congratulations to our partners with the launch of a new tracker and best wishes for the future success.

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