First tracker, specially made for Wialon

Standard CEO Roman Bille and Aliaksei Shchurko at Gurtam partner conference "Telematics 2012. Anniversary"Everybody acquainted with Wialon products surely knows that Gurtam software solutions support more than 500 types of different GPS/GLONASS devices, and our numerous partners and customers are free in their choice, but… it’s a frequently asked question, whether there is a tracker, specially designed for working with Wialon?

And you know what? This device does exist, and today I’m eager to tell you about it. Well, the first automatic vehicle locator, specially created for working with our GPS tracking system is STD8, developed by Gurtam partner in Perm, Standard.

Immediately after its appearance on the market this tracker has been constantly occupying the top positions in the rating of AVLs supported by Wialon GPS tracking solutions. Today the number of connected devices has passed the mark of two and a half thousand units. And what is the secret of their popularity?

As I’ve already mentioned, the case is that the tracker was developed especially for Wialon, regarding all the requirements of Gurtam specialists. While working on this project Standard used not only its own ideas towards the creation of an ultimate navigation device, but consulted with our developers, which helped to create a «perfect tracker» for working with Wialon.

Standard CEO Roman Bille, being a manufacturer of this tracker, explains that the reason for success lies in a long-term experience as a GPS vehicle tracking systems’ integrator: «Our company had a vast experience of working with different trackers and various sensors. Having tested multiple solutions, evaluating their pros and cons, we reached the conclusion that the ideal tracker is not a myth, it can be actually developed and released. Reviews of our numerous customers, whose opinion is always important for us, were also a big help».

Standard specialists told me that just from the very beginning they placed their stake on Wialon. But let’s continue with STD8 tracker, being the main hero of my today’s article. Pilot items of the tracker saw the light in the middle of 2012, and already in November Standard introduced the product line during the Gurtam anniversary partner conference «Telematics 2012» in Belarus. Till that time all the necessary tests had been conducted, all the teething problems were cured, trackers successfully passed certification.

Notwithstanding that the tracker uses high quality foreign components, the assembly is performed at the high-tech enterprise in Perm. STD8 trackers are notable for their tiny dimensions, the use of SIM-chip and the second SIM-card for stable data transfer, as well as really advanced vandal protection system. New generation of GPS/GLONASS trackers allows you to choose the most suitable solution: starting from the simplest trackers and ending with the most functionally superb GPS/GLONASS tracking devices supporting Wi-Fi. Integrators appreciated the broad functionality of STD8 and its small size: the overall case dimension comprises 60х70 mm. The option of remote diagnostics and firmware upgrade also received high reviews.

Our Standard colleagues mentioned that, soon after the startup, STD8 trackers were installed in all the 320 vehicles of Perm region emergency medical service. And today STD8 is used all over the territory of Russia and beyond for vehicle GPS tracking with the help of Wialon. On a regular basis the trackers undergo testing in the most severe conditions — they are used during different motor rallies or faraway expeditions. They are installed to the specialized vehicles and motorbikes, vessels and aircrafts. Standard trackers have already proved themselves beyond the Arctic Circle, and, as the developers admit, has never lost its capacities or reduced the performance.

What else makes the tracker so popular? The answer is very simple: STD8 is the result of diligent joint efforts of integrators, hard – and software developers. From the very beginning the tracker satisfied all the integrators’ and customers’ requirements towards such a kind of device. Furthermore, another extremely important factor today is the device compliance with all the requirements of the Order 285 of the Russian Ministry of Transport, announced by the manufacturers. This issue was covered in details by Standard CTO Dmitry Oskolkov during Gurtam partner conference in Moscow.

But as I’ve already told you, for today STD8 is the first tracker, created especially for Wialon. Navigation market is constantly growing, users change their requirements, so Wialon changes as well, that’s why in future it’s likely that STD8 will be replaced by a new one, boggling the imagination by its enriched functional capabilities.


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