Gurtam partner conference and press-conference in Moscow: review

Gurtam booth at Navitech-Expo 2013 attracted huge audienceOur colleagues and all those somehow connected to satellite navigation, had really busy times last week. Gurtam team travelled to Moscow and actively participated in the 5th International Specialized Exhibition for Navigation Systems, Technologies and Services Navitech 2013, international satellite navigation forum, traditional Navitoring conference, held the day before the exhibition opening, as well as organized two events of its own, which attracted many Gurtam partners.

Thus, let’s make our story chronologically correct. This year, on April 24, just before Navitech exhibition, we decided to organize a press-conference for Mass-media representatives, dedicated to the topic of overall GLONASS navigation system implementation in Russia. There is no need to explain why we’ve chosen namely this topic, because today the question raises many disputes and vivid discussions, and Gurtam partners, who kindly agreed to take part in the press-conference, are familiar to the topic firsthand and could share the practical working experience in accordance with the requirements of 285th order of the Russian Ministry of Transport.

Participants of Gurtam press-conference: Sergey Kozlov, Roman Bille and Evgeny KorenThe press-conference had three main speakers: Sergei Kozlov, CEO of ASK group of companies, represented the view of GPS tracking system integrators, Roman Bille, Standard CEO shared the difficulties, concerning GPS tracing equipment manufacturers, and Evgeny Koren, Gurtam business development manager, spoke on behalf of software developers, and, particularly, mentioned the work done on Wialon software adjustment according to the order № 285.

The speakers and mass-media representatives discussed the contradictions of the order of the Ministry of Transport, regarding the question, who is obliged to equip vehicles by GLONASS tracking terminals: owners or users, discussed mandatory and optional requirements of 285th order towards terminals, shared their experience of upgrading their equipment and software according to the new requirements. Also, the participants discussed the most frequently emerging question how to assure the owner that the installed terminal corresponds to the requirements of the order № 285, i.e. highlighted the problem concerning the absence of unified certification body and unified testing procedure for GPS tracking software and equipment.

After the presentations, the press-conference participants answered many journalists’ questions and considered all the disputed moments. The press was pleasantly surprised and interested by the speakers’ presentations and answers, in particular, by their practical usefulness. During the press-conference it was mentioned that the laws should be compiled according to the practical work of specialists, and not vice versa. In fact today, mainly the wording of the order itself, impedes the fulfillment of all the requirements, contained in this deed. «On behalf of the company I’d like to thank our partners and colleagues for the shown interest and participation in Gurtam press-conference, which had a significant practical value for all the companies, working in the sphere of GPS tracking, and also aroused lively interest of press» — mentions Anastassia Levdanskaya, Gurtam PR-maneger.

And just after the Navitech-Expo, on April 27, Gurtam held its traditional partner conference, this year gathering 95 people, representing the companies of our partners from different countries: Russia, Lithuania, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Armenia, Ukraine and India. Annual Gurtam conference as usual attracts attention of wide audience, because mainly here Gurtam partners receive the firsthand information, directly from Gurtam management, learn the company development strategies, future plans, developed projects, as well as get acquainted with each other, share the experience and achievements.

 Gurtam partner conference "Telematics-2013" in Moscow

The conference was traditionally opened by Gurtam CEO Aliaksei Shchurko, who welcomed and thanked all the present guests for visiting our event, finding time to share their achievements and future wishes, as well as discuss the prospects of further cooperation.

Further, our partners presented newsworthy reports, arousing vivid interest and lively discussions. Aliaksei Shchurko focused attention on possibilities of creating your own applications with the help of SDK and Wialon Kit, as well as gave an example of successful joint project, developed together with major Belarusian mobile carrier Velcom.

Presentation of a new Gurtam project — ToolzGurtam Head of Development Denis Strakh, told the audience about the Apps instrument integration to Wialon Hosting and Wialon Pro, as well as presented an absolutely new projectToolz, which was created by Gurtam programmers specifically to provide Wialon Hosting and Wialon Kit users with the possibility to start Apps from the separate interface (i.e. without entering the GPS tracking system itself).

The Chief Technical Officer Viacheslav Krival announced a very important news, which definitely made all the present guests happy, namely the fact that Gurtam technical support service starts working around-the-clock and will be available 24 hours 7 days a week. Viacheslav also presented the developed training and certification system for technical specialists. Moreover, he mentioned that certified specialists will be an obligatory criteria for receiving the status in Gurtam partner program.

Aliaksandr Kuushynau, Gurtam Chief Marketing Officer, told about Wialon strong positions on the Russian market and summarized the results of work for the first quarter of the year 2013. Further he mentioned the prospects of further development and modification of Wialon software solutions during the current year, presented the regional managers, who are responsible for Gurtam partners in different countries, specified the policy of marketing activity compensation (from May, 1 it is necessary to coordinate the events, requiring compensation, in advance).

Besides Gurtam representatives, interesting presentations were made by our Russian partners: Sergey Kozlov, CEO of ASK group of companies, as well as Oskolkov Dmitry, CTO of Standard.

Sergey Kozlov demonstrated the new capabilities of Wialon GPS tracking system in the sphere of searching for stolen vehicles, by means of cooperating with round-the-clock dispatcher centers and the Ministry of Internal Affairs, as well as highlighted promising prospects of using Gurtam software solutions in the safety sector in general.

And Dmitry Oskolkov, CTO of Standard, again raised the urgent topic of 285th order of the Ministry of Transport, shared the problems, with which their company faced, as well as shared the methods of their solution by developing navigation equipment, corresponding to the order requirements.

After the presentations, discussions and questions, the participants could communicate personally with Gurtam management and discuss all issues they wanted.

And closer to the evening, after the official part, all the guests were invited to gala dinner in one of the best Moscow clubs The Artist, where communication continued in the informal setting, the participants could enjoy an excellent cuisine, gorgeous show, sing their favorite songs in karaoke, as well as to dance and listen to fabulous tracks of a famous Moscow DJ.

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