Toolz – the fast way to launch GPS tracking Apps

Just recently, during Gurtam partner conference in Moscow, a lot of useful information, newsworthy for the guests of the event, was announced. This year the conference gathered 95 representatives of Gurtam partner companies from different countries of the world: Russia, Lithuania, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Armenia, Ukraine and India. During the meeting Gurtam management shared further development strategies, future plans, summarized the results for the first quarter of the year 2013, and, of cause, paid attention to the new developments, firstly introduced within the event.

Gurtam Head of Development Denis Strakh, told the audience about the Apps tool integration to Wialon Hosting, as well as presented an absolutely new projectToolz, created by Gurtam programmers specifically to provide Wialon Hosting and Wialon Kit users with the possibility to start Apps from the separate interface, i.e. without entering the GPS tracking system itself. Today Toolz is available in two versions — — the one suitable for Wialon Kit users, as well as — made for those, using Wialon Hosting GPS tracking system.

New project by Gurtam — Toolz

Well, let’s see, what is Toolz exactly? The one, who can call himself an experienced Wialon Hosting or Wialon Kit user, surely is firsthand acquainted with Apps tool, designed for placing and activating third-party applications, which can solve various issues, unrealized within the main functionality of Wialon Hosting.

Any user can design and develop his own applications, on the basis of SDK module in Wialon Hosting and Wialon Kit platform. You can find the list of currently available apps at According to Denis Strakh: «Gurtam is planning further to launch the applications, mainly in the Open Source, so as any user could get the example of applications and was able to develop them further, probably, sharing the results of their work with us».

Another question is how to create Apps? Particularly for software developers, working with Remote API and JavaScript API, Gurtam launched a separate resource — special Developer portal — were all the data necessary for the development is stored. Due to SDK (Software Development Kit) module, representing the whole set of tools, users got fabulous opportunity to create their own applications for mobile devices, as well as integrate Wialon solutions with external applications.

And a new Toolz instrument, as such, represents a separate access point for Apps operating and managing, where users can start the available Apps, without entering GPS tracking system, thereby optimizing the working process by means of significant time saving due to fast application start. In order to enter the system, you should just fill out Wialon Hosting or Wialon Kit login and password. A special topic has already been created at our forum, where you can get all the additional information you need and discuss the recent development with your colleagues and Gurtam specialists.

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