«Pirogovo. Kiev Summer» — cross country racing with Overseer

Gurtam partner in Ukraine, Overseer, took part in the 4th stage of the Cup FAU-cross country for quad bikes «Ukranian Cross-Country»We regularly keep you informed about various sporting events, attracting Gurtam partners all over the world, where they use Wialon software solutions, gaining more and more popularity among the amateurs of auto and motorcycle racing, having proved their efficiency in practice.

Not long ago I wrote about a new round of open off-road quad series Can-Am Trophy Russia 2013, and today we have news from Ukraine. Gurtam partner, Overseer, often takes part in different types of rallies, providing online tracking of all the adrenaline addicts, and today again I’ll write about the 4th stage of the Cup FAU-cross country for quad bikes «Ukranian Cross-Country».

This time the rally got the name «Pirogovo. Kiev Summer». «Ukrainian Cross-Country» — is not only the contest for эexperienced amateurs, professional athletes and distinguished racers. This year the starting line attracted not only mature quad bikers, but also newcomers, for the first time participating in such an event.

Before the race Overseer specialists equipped all the vehicles with GPS trackers Quecklink GL200 and provided online-control over all the racers with the help of Wialon Hosting GPS tracking system, because nowadays modern races are almost impossible without such techniques.

This time the race involved 54 teams from different parts of Ukraine: Kiev, Zgurovka, Kirovograd, Donetsk, Krasny Luch, Stakhanov, Lugansk, Lisichansk, Kharkov and many other cities. Especially for extreme racers the organizers prepared an extended loopback trail with the length of 10 kilometers and the maximum elevation difference of 100 meters. The racers had to cover the distance five times and during an hour and a half travel through absolutely different parts of the track: sand, clay, difficult forest plots, permanent rises and falls, high-speed curves and sharp turns.

Overseer specialists track the racers onlineThe participants of first races in the class of «ATV-Junior», «UTV-Junior», «ATV-Cross» were lucky, the weather was extremely nice. Quad bikers on «UTV-800» and «UTV-1000», unfortunately, were not so lucky at all and had to struggle in even more severe conditions, suffering from heavy rain and thundershowers, covering slippery ground coating, making things much more complicated for the drivers. In the lowest part of the trail, located in a forest part of the distance, racers had to fight with a huge amount of deep mud. But all the teams did their best and successfully passed this new «special stage» unexpectedly provided by nature, though it took a lot of efforts. Not only sportsmen faced this trouble, but also the spectators together with Overseer specialists, who not only had to hide under the shelter, but also move the plasma display, showing all the participants’ movements online.

No wonder that the route required maximum concentration and driving experience, as well as absolute vehicle reliability and safety. According to the racers, after the first training circuit: «we’ve never faced such a difficult and various trail before».

The organizers prepared extremely difficult and various trail After the race once again we could make sure that GPS tracking has already become an integral part of such events. According to our Overseer colleagues: «The slippery turns sometimes made heavy ATV-1000 and ATV-800 flip over, and in the result of one of such crashes the racer broke his arm. One quad bike pulled over and crashed into the tree, luckily the racer wasn’t injured, but the bike couldn’t finish the race. The judge had no the possibility to see the accident, and the signal about the quad bike, which left the distance, was transferred by our specialist, supervising the racers’ movements».

Vladimir Fitenko, Overseer CTO, mentions another interesting case, which drawn attention of judges to Wialon GPS tracking system: «After one of the races the judges had to make the decision about disqualification of one racer, which took the first place in his group. One of the judges noticed the racer, leaving the trail and driving at the parallel line. Having examined his route in details, the GPS tracking system showed the deviation, but a reasonable one, which is allowed by the rules (less than 300 meters), and is considered as route optimization. After the stormy discussions the racer finally got his prize».

Well, you see, this summer is really full of different sporting events. So I’ll keep telling you about different rallies, races and so on and so forth, getting started in different parts of the world, where Wialon provides the possibility to track your favorite sportsmen online.

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