Android ASK Tracker — new mobile app, supported by Wialon

The list of navigation hardware and software solutions for mobile devices and PPC, supported by Wialon, is expanding on a daily basis (and I’m not even exaggerating right now). Our Russian partner, ASK, has just launched a new multifunctional Android ASK Tracker app, and presented it to the attention of numerous partners and customers, as well as all those, who uses GPS tracking services, or has just found out their advantages and «tries on» new capabilities.

All iOS-based smartphone and other mobile device users definitely are well acquainted with other app, developed by ASK — iPhone ASK tracker, being the leader among GPS software applications for iPhones, supported by Wialon. And according to the name of a new ASK solution, it immediately becomes clear, that this mobile app is presupposed to work with Android-based devices that probably will guarantee its wide popularity, cause, you know, there are not only Android smartphones, but also tablet PCs, navigators and other devices.

Now let’s find out some info about the main functionality of a new application. Besides the basic functions, such as location tracking, possibility to send messages, compatibility with GPS-Trace Orange и Wialon Hosting GPS tracking systems, Android ASK Tracker enjoys the whole range of other extremely useful capacities, among which you can find the following:

  • Alarm message transfer to the server (i.e. « SOS button»),
  • Automatic connection to your Wialon account,
  • Remote app start/stop,
  • Automatic route plotting according to the received coordinates,
  • Working with a black box (where GPRS network is unavailable)

New mobile app — Android ASK Tracker Android ASK Tracker — new mobile app, compatible with GPS-Trace Orange и Wialon Hosting GPS tracking systems





















Sergey Markelov, Head of Customer Service Department in ASK, sharing the company plans for future development of this application, mentions: «The app development does never stop, even for a day, that’s why we are planning to release regular updates that would be free for the owners of any app version. Among the new functions, which are going to be added in the nearest update — the app start on schedule (also remotely), as well as remote configuring and settings editing. For users, who actually don’t need the «SOS button», we’ll offer to use up to three buttons for quick messages sending to the server (for example: I’m free, I’m busy, I arrived and etc.)»

And now, let me introduce another intriguing piece of news. Very soon at you’ll find a special application — Android ASK Tracker Control App. The main objective of the app is to make working with Android ASK Tracker as easy as possible. Right in it the user can exchange messages with the device, to send start or stop commands, configure and edit the operating mode, data transfer parameters and other settings. Our partners from ASK confirm that Control App capabilities will fully correspond to those of Android ASK Tracker: «Control App functionality will be developed simultaneously with the appearance of new functions in Android ASK Tracker».

Even today you have a possibility to try and evaluate this new mobile application, downloading it at Google Play.

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