ASK celebrates Satellite Tracking Day

ASK group of companies celebrates its professional holiday — Satellite Tracking DayAt the beginning of month, as you remember, all the GPS tracking sphere professionals celebrated their own «special day». After a while, I decided to find out, how did Gurtam partners spend this wonderful event?

Although Satellite Tracking Day has still not been recognized as an official holiday, our partners enjoyed the tradition. This year it was Sunday and the June sun favored to celebrating this holiday in the open air.

Diplomas and pleasant gifts were received by all the participants of the event

Therefore, ASK group of companies, decided to support out initiative and celebrate this day with the most «professional» kind of sport — land navigation.

As it was mentioned by the company members: «The competition was really fascinating, because none of our colleagues had the previous experience in land navigation, and the route was rather difficult — with thick forest and deep gulleys».

Track, made by the device of the winner team

Having reached the chosen place, all the participants were divided into four teams. They faced rather a complicated task: to find the check points (marks) in the wood, and fix the arrival of each team member. The winner team had to discover all the check points faster than everyone else and without any mistakes (demerit points), and then return to the start point.

During this exhausting marathon the best result was shown by the team, called «Fire!», but the diplomas and pleasant gifts were received by all the participants of the event.

It should be noted that, while passing the route, the teams used Android ASK tracker. The picture displays the track, made by the device of the winner team.

After this long marathon, the teams needed to recharge the batteries and were looking forward to a picnic, which started right after the awarding ceremony.

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