Germany 2013: Transport Logistic and fascinating Munich

The biggest European specialized trade show Transport Logistic 2013 is over. The next event will take place only in 2015.Let’s start a new week recollecting the memories of the previous one, which turned out to be really intense for our colleagues. Transport Logistic 2013 is over and today, having returned from the business trip, our «travellers» tried to go deep into work, which was absolutely unacceptable option for me, cause I wanted to find out all the details and tell you about my colleagues’ impressions of this famous expo, Munich itself, and, of cause, about one more pleasant trip in a nice company of friends.

Every time after any large and significant international exhibition you can find plenty of articles with the following opening line: «The largest international expo X — the most significant event of the Y sector…» etc. And, surely, it’s an absolute truth, but today, I don’t have any desire to make you feel bored by writing all the info that can easily find at the official event website, that’s why I decided to confine myself to only a few words, especially for those who don’t know anything about Transport Logistic, and then move on to the photo report and comments of my tired, but happy with the trip colleagues.

Well, June 4-7, 2013 Munich welcomed the leading international trade show for logistics, mobility, IT and supply chain managementTransport Logistic 2013, which is held once in 2 years, starting from 1978. Future technologies, latest industry trends, prospective markets, investors and experts — all these things accurately define Transport Logistic in just a few words. The best representatives of the world industry gather in Munich, demonstrating innovative solutions and products for the whole supply chain in the sphere of transport, logistics and telematics. The visitors of this largest trade show also got a wonderful chance to see several additional events prominent for air cargo and maritime logistics: the 6th Air Cargo Europe conference and expo and the 7th mariLOG conference.

Transport Logistic 2013 gathered the greatest number of exhibitors and visitors: more than 2000 exhibitors from 64 countries of the world

By the way, just according to the organizers’ plans and as our colleagues could appreciate by their own eyes, 14th international Transport Logistic trade show became the largest event during the history of its existence and gathered the greatest number of exponents and visitors. In order to provide proofs let’s refer to the statistics and figures: the global gathering 2013 welcomed more than 2000 exhibitors from 64 countries of the world! The increase of 120 exhibitors, comparing with the previous event, is accounted for principally by a higher number of exhibitors from abroad. The exhibition area has also grown — this year trade show occupied 9 halls with the general space of 110 000 square meters. And you know, it was rather challenging even to travel through the whole area, so none of my colleagues managed to do it.


What else, except for the extended scale of this year event, definitely worth mentioning and distinguish Transport Logistic 2013? Probably its «internationalization». The part of exhibitors, representing other contries than Germany this year reached 45,3 %. For the first time the trade show attracted transport and logistics market players from Albania, Indonesia, Macedonia and Zimbabwe. A new tendency of Transport Logistic 2013 — creation of joint booths. This year in Munich the audience could see 14 national pavilions, representing Italy, Luxembourg, Malaysia, Netherlands, Czech Republic, Belarus and other countries.

During the expo our team was working together with Gurtam partners in Germany, Hilltronic и Telematik-Welt

Evgeny Koren, Gurtam Business Development manager, mentions: «Well, transport and logistics sector in Europe is definitely developing at a very high speed right now. Every day we see many new ultimate developments and high-tech solutions, helping to make international supply chain management more efficient. And among the basic trends of the expo we can specify, probably, the tendency towards complete automation of logistic processes and development of relevant, up-to-date solutions».

Furthermore, our colleagues mentioned that among the companies providing vehicle GPS tracking and fleet management services another intriguing trend could be clearly distinguished: many GPS tracking system operators, also provide special navigation hardware, often suitable only for working with their own software. This trend has already been traced by our company, because among Gurtam partners, there are also those, for example Standard, Arusnavi, Garage-GPS, and in the near future several other companies, which start to expand their business scope and develop their own GPS tracking equipment.

Gurtam team is going to climb the highest veiwing platform in Munich Surely, Gurtam took part in this famous trade show not just as an idle visitor, but, as usual, represented Wialon software solutions to the international audience, working together with Gurtam partners in Germany, Hilltronic и Telematik-Welt, at the company booth and actively communicating with potential partners and customers. So, our colleagues had just a little time left to see all the beauties of Munich. But, nevertheless, you can’t leave the Bavarian capital without taking a huge bundle of sweet memories about this jewel in the crown of Central Europe — the city with the richest history and cultural traditions.

That’s why Gurtam team found time to stroll along the «Old Town», climb the highest viewing platform, see the bird’s eye panorama of Munich, the most famous landmark of the city — Munich Frauenkirche (Cathedral of Our Dear Lady), the most modern football stadium in Germany «Allianz-Arena», built for the beloved FC Bayern, as well as visit Munich rock museum.

Contemporary city slogan says «Munich loves you». And it’s an absolute truth, given that Munich is really famous by its hospitality and numerous Bavarian holidays. And the only thing that could somehow disappoint our colleagues is the fact that it’s June now, and not October, welcoming Munich’s international guests to the Oktoberfest — world famous beer festival. But the season hasn’t stopped our colleagues from caring about their workmates, left back in the office. That’s why, while I’m writing this article, they are preparing to share impressions and show photos from Munich, which will be followed by traditional German beer, thoughtfully brought by our «Bavarians». Extended photo report about this amazing trip you can see at Gurtam page on Facebook.

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