Gurtam «Sharp Eye» or we’re’lone summer 2013

Gurtam team at corporate party we're'lone summer 2013It’s really nice, when you’re glad to see your colleagues not only five days a week, but also during weekends. On June 15, we (meaning the whole Gurtam team) received another proof that we enjoy not only working together, but having a rest as well.

On Saturday, Gurtam left the city and went to the summer corporate party, organized by our wonderful HR managers at picnic-hotel «Expedition». The weather made us a bit nervous, because it was rainy in the morning, but when we came to the «Expedition» — we «brought Sun with us».

No wonder that corporate party was called «Sharp Eye» — the holiday was organized in indian style, that’s why on Saturday we managed to see some of our colleagues in not a very traditional, casual-formal style, but in Indian shamanistic costumes with feathers, beads and painted faces. Some Gurtam people came to the party very well-armed (apparently, willing to get done with some annoying workmates) — there were tomahawks, hatchets, machete, Indian knives and etc. We even had our own Pocahontas!

Right away, I’d like to warn you that there were so many events, contests, positive emotions and dances that the sequence of my story can be easily broken (sorry in advance for that).

So, right after we came to the picnic-hotel, the host showed us the territory of our «habitation». The territory, I should say, was rather big, and we could personally appreciate it, performing various quests.

Open-air lunch at picnic-hotel "Expedition" Archery practice during Gurtam corporate party

So far as it was almost lunch time the hosts didn’t leave us hungry and offered tasty meal consisting of three courses with different liqueurs. Further on the host of the evening chose five «chieftains» and divided the most active Indians (who preferred not to warm the bench) into five teams respectively.

Team is ready to perform the quests Gurtam Indians are ready to cope with all the obstacles

Sporty Indians had to cope with seven quests, where all the participants showed their dexterity, agility, endurance, strength, sagacity and even creativity. It seems that we did everything possible: untied knots using one hand, practiced in archery, went skiing by the whole team, crossed the lake by catamaran and canoe, walked on a wire, and in order to get additional points — were telling jokes, did one arm pushups (by the way, the girls either), sang and danced.

Not only Gurtam guys were successful in archery, girls also showed good results Only the strongest and fastest Indians coped with aqua competition

All the teams succeeded in passing the obstacles without any losses. Tired but happy, we returned to the camp, where everyone could find entertainment according to his own taste: to swim in a lake, go to the sauna, get some UVs lying on a sun lounger, or just have a friendly chat with workmates.

The lake in the territory of "Expedition" picnic-hotel was appreciated by many Gurtam colleagues In the evening we were dancing to our favorite music

Later on we had a wonderful dinner, where veal, roasted on a broiling rack, was served as a main course (to tell the truth it looks a bit scary, but it tastes great). During the dinner the host announced the competition results, and we learned that it was really a close-fought battle: the third place was separated from the second one by two points, and the winner team had only one extra point, which helped them to receive the top prize! So, the prize — shaman’s hatchet and a dream catcher amulet — went to the team, called «Swift-footed ostriches». The team had the following members: Aliaksandr Kuushynau, Aliaksei Shchurko, Artem Romanovsky, Viacheslav Krival, Nadezhda Petrashkevich, Pavel Korolev, Sergei Pevzner, Tatyana Kots, and me (by the way as a chieftain). Now all the received prizes embellish the walls of our office, probably, protecting us from «evil spirits».

Winner team is receiving the top prize Main course of the evening  — veal, roasted on a broiling rack

During the dinner all the participants voted for the best costume and chose, by the loudness of applause, the most beautiful girl of the evening — Anisa Al-Sendy, our Pocahontas. The prize in the «Best Indian» nomination went to Anton Hamalinski, and Anton Stepanovich became the «Best Chieftain».

The winner of the prize for the best costume — Anisa Al-Sendy "Best Indian" and "Best Chieftain" are receiving their prizes

Then came the evening, and after dinner, funny contests and, surely, chin-chins, we had an amazing time dancing to the amazing music, having fought for the right to put on our favorite tracks.

And when the darkness fell, we had another wonderful, perhaps, the most beautiful surprise of the day — a fabulous fire-show, which was performed so close to us, that people could feel the warmth of flames on their faces.

Gurtam corporate party ended with an amazing fire-show The most beautiful surprise of Gurtam summer corporate party

This was really a beautiful ending of an amazing day. We spent some more time near the bonfire, cause nobody wanted to leave. But we had to pack our stuff and return to Minsk, where everyone could make his own choice where to spend the rest of the weekend: go home and sleep, visit the afterparty back in the office, or to drop in on friends). «Gurtam — Sharp Eye» corporate party became one of the most memorable holidays in the company history. Want to see it? Visit Gurtam page on Facebook, where you will find more detailed photo report on the event.

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