Gurtam presented iDriveSafe IQ at Pointer Telocation seminar in Prague

This year Pointer Telocation partner seminar 2013 was held in Prague Following Wialon software solutions, proved to be popular all over the world, Gurtam team never gets tired of travelling to other countries. My colleagues recently returned from a business trip, this time to Czechia, where from June 11 to June 13 Gurtam partner from Israel, Pointer Telocation, organized a two-day partner seminar, held in the very heart of Prague.

Though the streets of the Capital have not yet fully recovered from the most severe flooding in Central Europe in more than a decade, it didn’t ruined the plans of our colleagues from Pointer to welcome all their numerous guests, coming from different parts of the world.

This time the partner meeting was mainly dedicated to one of the most popular new trends in GPS and fleet management sphere — «Eco-driving» and the opportunities to analyze driver behavior and the level of driver’s safety and ECO scores. The organizer, Pointer Telocation, presented its most recent development, Cello-IQ tracker, which is one of a few modern «eco-friendly» solutions.

The seminar guests — more than a hundred people from all over the world: Russia, Belgium, France, Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland, Estonia and Belarus — also presented their innovative solutions, joint work with Pointer Telocation, as well as the use of Cellocator hardware for their own projects.

Presentetions, made by Pointer Telocation partners during the seminar in Prague Our colleagues, business development manager Evgeny Koren and chief technical officer Viacheslav Krival shortly pointed out the success story of Gurtam working with Pointer Telocation, which started in November 2011, when the two companies signed a partnership agreement. Viacheslav mentions: «Since then we’ve successfully implemented numerous large projects with the use of Cellocator hardware and Wialon software solutions. Gurtam and Pointer work together directly and very efficiently, which makes possible to support Cello solutions in Wialon GPS tracking system even prior their entrance to the market».

Today the extended list of hardware, supported by Wialon, includes six widely used Cellocator automatic vehicle locators. The most promising today is Cello-IQ, representing new trends rapidly gaining popularity all over the world: Driver Behavior, Fleet Safety and Eco-Driving, which were, actually, the highlight of the partner seminar.

In Wialon Hosting GPS tracking system today, it’s possible to make several special reports, according to the telematics data, received from Cello-IQ, which define the quality of driving behavior. Reports can be built for one unit (group of units) and for a driver (group of drivers).

This report gives you the possibility to see the trips with all their characteristics. Each trip has its own range of maneuvers, made by the drivers, so you get the possibility to evaluate driver behavior, according to Safety and Eco-scores.

But there’s more to come! During the seminar in Prague Evgeny Koren introduced a new App in Wialon Hosting and Wialon Kit, developed particularly for working with Cello-IQ. Working with Wialon Kit you can start the application from Toolz.

The new app, called iDriveSafe IQ graphically displays safety and eco characteristics and scores. You can choose the period, unit, driver or a group of drivers, according to which you are going to build the chart.

New app, developed by Gurtam — iDriveSafe IQ

Each vertical column displays one trip with its own period of time, safety scores, etc. While working with the app you’ll find two tabs: Eco (reflecting the driver’s eco scores) and Safety (reflecting the driver’s safety). The column height at the Eco tab means the efficiency of driving behavior, and column height at the Safety tab means the level of driver’s risk. In order to learn all the parameters and characteristics of the trip, you can just hover the mouse over the column.

Besides, making the chart, you can choose any colors you wish. And at the end you get the final score, according to which you can compare driver behavior and other important characteristics.

Evgeny Koren, Gurtam business development manager, after the official part of Pointer Telocation seminar in Prague All the above mentioned things are definitely kind of important, but a bit too serious. However, sooner or later the official part tends to be over. And for our colleagues the trip to Prague became not only useful, but also pleasant. The venue of the event deserves special attention — NH Prague hotel, consisting of two parts, at the top and at the foot of Smichov Hill connected by cable car. So, travelling from one part of the hotel to the other one you get an amazing opportunity to enjoy the picturesque landscape of Czechia. In the evenings, our colleagues had wonderful dinners in the best places of Prague, for example, in a restaurant, decorated in a medieval Celtic style, where under the masonry vaults our colleagues could not only enjoy their meal after a hard working day, but see a gorgeous show: pirates’ fight and traditional folk dances, performed by beautiful ladies.

Sharing his impressions about the trip in general, Evgeny Koren mentions: «The seminar, conducted by Pointer Telocation was organized at a very high level. This year partner meeting became really highly-productive. We managed to appreciate new solutions, developed by companies all over the world, better evaluate new trends at vehicle telematics market, as well as discuss future development prospects. We thank Pointer Telocation for the invitation and provided opportunity to participate in this seminar».

All the seminar materials (+Technical Workshops) are available to download here:

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