Kazakh MPs start to use Wialon

Vehicle fleet of Parliamant of the Republic of Kazakstan is now equipped by Wialon Pro GPS tracking system As you could probably mention, Gurtam is always happy with our partners’ achievements, and never forgets to share the information with all the readers of this weblog. Well, today, having received the news from our Gold partner in Kazakhstan, I’m going to tell you everything I managed to find out about a new project, successfully implemented by KazInterSoft.

Definitely, you won’t be surprised, if I say that GPS tracking is step-by-step penetrating all the spheres of life and is more and more often used not only by private carriers and trucking companies, as well as several forward-minded citizens, but also attracts the highest public authorities, which finally start to appreciate the advantages, offered by vehicle GPS tracking and fleet management solutions, Wialon in particular.

In May 2013, i.e. just recently, KazInterSoft finished the project for Parliament of the Republic of Kazakhstan, and currently performs active work installing navigation equipment to the huge vehicle fleet of Kazakh Parliament, implementing Wialon Pro GPS tracking system.

So far, according to our KazInterSoft colleagues, only a part of vehicles has been connected — in order to equip all the numerous cars, owned by the Parliament, some more time is needed, but at the moment, MPs haven’t changed their mind and are happy with the first results, received after the decision to install GPS tracking system.

Implementing the project, Gurtam partner tried to satisfy all the requirements and wishes of such an important customer. KazInterSoft had a particular task to minimize the server idle time, so, KIS specialists installed Wialon Pro distribution kits and configured not only the main, but also a backup server.

Besides, the customer was extremely interested in getting a quick access to the information, staying in any place out of the office, sometimes without the possibility to use a stationary PC. In order to meet this requirement, all the smartphones and other mobile devices, belonging to the responsible specialists, were equipped by a special mobile app, developed by KazInterSoft.

KIS CEO Adilbek Nugmanov, talking about the project, mentions: «Wialon mobile client application, developed for working with Wialon software solutions through Android-based mobile devices, turned out to be very useful. The application presupposes two working modes: «Monitoring» and «Tracks». Besides it works with Wialon Hosting and Wialon Pro».

Wialon mobile client app, developed by KazInterSoft Wialon mobile client app has two working modes: «Monitoring» and «Tracks» Working with units in Wialon mobile client app, developed by KazInterSoft for Android-based mobile devices.















The quality of software solutions leaves no room for doubt (let’s put modesty aside for a moment), and, surely, in order to perform the new project successfully KazInterSoft chose not less secure GPS tracking hardware.

Right now all the Kazakh Parliament cars are gradually equipped by Galileo trackers, produced by GalileoSky. Why Galileo? Adilbek Nugmanov points out several reasons: «firstly, two-year manufacturer’s warranty; secondly, position in Gurtam rating (today Galileo automatic vehicle locator occupies the leading place); thirdly, good practice of implementing the devices in Kazakhstan; and fourthly, by no means unimportant factor — price/quality ratio».

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