vProtoсoller — new Apps developed by Gurtam

The time-proved Wialon GPS tracking software has numerous significant advantages, comparing with other modern GPS tracking and fleet management solutions. Among the key Wialon advantages special attention should be paid to the large number of GPS and GLONASS hardware integrated into the system. The list is extending daily, and today integrators are free to make their choice and find the most suitable devices among the range of 500 supported types of navigation hardware.

But, as usual, there is one problem: our partners often complain that customers sometimes don’t want to switch to modern Wialon user interface and are still applying other GPS tracking systems. However, due to the fact that our competitors has rather limited list of supported hardware comparing with Gurtam, it’s rather difficult for them to take hold of the market.

Therefore, in order to solve the issue we developed a separate solution, providing the possibility to use Wialon telematics platform only to accept, decode and retransmit data.

A new app, with a nice name Protocoller, is now available for all Wialon Kit users, and allows immediately to receive and retransmit telematics data in a special format required by the user.

Protocoller — New Apps developed by Gurtam

The data receipt is performed in a format of one of 500 types of equipment, which are already supported in the system, and the transfer of converted data — in one of 10 most popular outgoing formats: Wialon, Nis (M2M), Granit Navigator, Skaut, Cyber GLX, Wialon IPS, VT 300, EGTS, SOAP, TransNavi.

What is needed in order to start working with Protocoller? Wialon Kit user just needs to start it in Toolz and choose the list of units, which data will be retransmitted to the external servers. Therefore, paying for Wialon Kit only 1 eurocent a day, you get the possibility to receive and transmit telematics data, as well as store it in Wialon Data Center during 30 days.

Protocoller, as well as the other available Gurtam Apps, which list is constantly extending, is available in source codes and can be used in the existing format, or further developed by the users.


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