Viacheslav Krival leaves the position as Gurtam Chief Technical Officer

Gurtam Chief Technical Officer Viacheslav KrivalSignificant changes happened within Gurtam team. On July 1 Viacheslav Krival leaves his position as Gurtam Chief Technical Officer. Viacheslav has been working in the company since 2006, when all the team included less than ten people. Almost from the very beginning he was involved in Wialon software development, and, to a great extent due to his efforts we all know Wialon as it is now. During these years Viacheslav not only managed to strengthen the company products, but also took the lead of technical support department, having personally chosen and trained really highly qualified specialists.

Having achieved a lot together with Gurtam, Viacheslav is now planning to start his own business. But leaving the company doesn’t mean leaving Wialon. Viacheslav mentions: «I’ve been working here many years, together with Gurtam colleagues developing Wialon and making it better. The fact that I’m leaving the company, doesn’t mean that I’ll stop working with Wialon and say goodbye to my colleagues and Gurtam partners. Further I’m going to develop customized GPS tracking solutions and will definitely keep in touch! Thanks to all my colleagues and, surely, people from technical support department with whom we solved hundreds of issues daily, helping our partners all over the world to cope with any difficulties».

Unfortunately, we didn’t manage to find the one specialist, who could totally substitute Viacheslav. That’s why his job will be redistributed among several other specialists. From now on Julia Vereskovskaya will manage technical support services, and regional managers will supervise that all their customers receive full and appropriate answers to the requests. Vladimir Tihonchuk will be responsible for hardware integration with Wialon Pro and Wialon Hosting. We thank Viacheslav Krival for the invaluable contribution to Wialon and Gurtam development and hope for further cooperation, especially as Viacheslav continues working with Wialon. With all our heart we wish him good luck!

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