Wialon — leader by the Internet requests

Every company cares much about the popularity of their product in the Internet, doesn’t it? There are numerous tools available to track the popularity of your brand in the Internet, and today we’ve decided to conduct a special research and evaluate the current situation on GPS tracking market.

The main purpose of this survey was to find out the dynamics of people requests for company names and their products in Yandex and Google. In order to perform the survey we used two rather reliable, convenient and available tools: http://wordstat.yandex.ru/, showing the requests statistics in Yandex, as well as Google Trends – displaying the quantity of the same requests in Google.

There is a proverb: «a picture’s worth a thousand words». So, in our case I would probably suggest just to look at the charts below and see the dynamics of users’ interest towards the solutions of the most famous companies, providing GPS tracking services in Russia:


Brand popularyty dynamics according to wordstat.yandex.ru

Well, what does Yandex chart give us? First of all, probably, we should mention that all the brands, starting from May 2011 has positive popularity dynamics, which speaks of healthy competition at the GPS tracking market and increasing interest among the users.

And, of cause, we were very pleased by Wialon results, which, as you can see, received the largest number of requests, comparing with the other brands and continues to be onwards and upwards.

The chart, made according to Google Trends was also favorable for Wialon. Again it occupied the first place and outdistanced its competitors by a wide margin.

Brand popularyty dynamics according to Google Trends

Therefore, considering the figures of the conducted survey, it’s easy to declare that today Wialon is definitely the most popular solution for GPS tracking and fleet management. And, surely, we are not going to loosen up and hope to continue this tendency of Wialon growing popularity, offering a qualitative solution, which becomes more and more popular among the huge auditory of users all over the world.

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