«Sky Fair — 2013» together with Wialon

The twelfth annual air navigation festival «Sky fair – 2013»GPS tracking with Wialon has practically no boundaries, and sometimes the earth is not enough. But we can go further, literally conquering the sky. Today the aviation world news came to us from Gurtam partner in Perm, Standard, who shared their latest experience of aerial vehicles GPS tracking.

From June 27 till July 6 the ancient Ural city Kungur held the twelfth annual air navigation festival «Sky Fair – 2013», during which the 35th Russian ultralight aviation championship also took place.

The competition was conducted in several categories: single- and twin-seated flex-wing trikes, planes, gyroplanes and autogyros. It stands to mention that it was the first gyroplane contest in Russia. This year Standard specialists equipped each aircraft with modern GPS/GLONASS trackers STD8, the information from which was transferred to Wialon Hosting in real-time mode, helping the judges objectively to evaluate the results, showed by the pilots.

Pilots performed the whole range of dangerous breathtaking exercises. The program presupposed high speed and long distance flights with a limited amount of fuel, as well as airfield exercises for touchdown accuracy during a limited amount of time. The participants even performed the tasks, included as mandatory elements during the European Championship 2013, which helped the pilots from Russian national team to feel the exercises deeply and get ready for the International contest, and the public could appreciate the unforgettable view, making you follow the tough air struggle closely.

The first Russian competition among gyroplanes was won by Ilya Godzhek (Perm). The second place went to Dmitry Shadrin (Bashkortostan), the third — to Nikolay Pedchenko (Krasnodar Krai). The leading position in one-seated flex-wing trikes category was taken by Alexei Astafyev (Bashkortostan), and in the category of twin-seated flex-wing trikes the first prize went to Vladimir Chuprakov (Tatarstan). Alexandr Giley became the winner in the airplane contest.

Aircrafts' tracking, provided by Standard specialists, contributes to objective judging Standard specialists equipped each aircraft with modern GPS/GLONASS trackers STD8

In the team event the leading place was awarded to Perm region team. Denis Kelberg gave out prizes to the winners on behalf of Standard.

This year «Sky Fair» coincided with another prominent event — grand celebration devoted to the 350th anniversary of Kungur. But it’s more than this: the participants of the twelfth international air navigation festival performed a mass flight over the Europe-Asia border in hot-air balloons.

22 teams from Russia, Latvia, Germany, France and Japan made this unique overflight, which started in Pervouralsk, where a stele with a border line is situated. «Performing this symbolic mass flight we wished to build a bridge for further cooperation between Europe and Asia» mentioned Andrei Vertiprakhov, festival director, adding that the event will pretent to enter Guinness Book of Records.

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