Gurtam partner conference «Telematics 2013. Summer»: review

Bird's eye panorama of Tbilisi Yesterday our colleagues returned from Georgia, where this year Gurtam regional partner conference «Telematics 2013. Summer» was held. Therefore, as usual, I’ll tell you the most interesting facts shared by my workmates, who successfully came back to Minsk. And believe me, there’s a lot to say.

So, on June 26, having arrived in Georgia and comfortably checked into the luxurious hotel «Ambasadori Kachreti», our colleagues, warmly welcomed by our partners from GeoGPS, were waiting for other conference participants. This year «Telematics 2013. Summer» attracted Gurtam partners from Russia, Ukraine, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Serbia, and, surely, Georgia. The first day was, actually, just welcoming, dedicated to different sporting activities, such as golf or tennis, or resting after a long journey, having informal chat with colleagues and enjoying traditional Georgian hospitality.

Early in the morning next day our rested partners gathered in a conference-hall, where the event was officially opened, and the audience could listen to the main reports, performed by our specialists. Gurtam CMO Aliaksandr Kuushynau summarized the results of Gurtam work for the first quarter of 2013, mentioned the changes in Gurtam partner program and highlighted further prospects of Wialon development. Aliaksandr paid special attention to progress and achievements of those partners here present, and thanked them for efficient cooperation.

Official part of "Telematics 2013. Summer"Further, Gurtam business development manager Evgeny Koren presented new business trends in the development of GPS tracking solutions and announced the possibilities to create your own Wialon-based software solutions, which will help to gain more profit. For these purposes, Gurtam has a whole range of tools: SDK, RemoteAPI, APPS, Toolz. Evgeny also concentrated on customized applications and told about Apps tool, which was already several times highlighted in our weblog.

The official part continued by, probably, the most important presentation, made by Gurtam regional manager Valiantsina Babkina, who shared the detailed information about Wialon training and certification course, prepared by Gurtam technical support specialists. It was especially relevant for the conference attendants, who were going to pass a special exam and prove their qualification of experienced Wialon users.

After all the presentations, having received a whole bunch of important information and discussed this data with colleagues, the guests went to the restaurant for lunch with traditional dishes of Georgian national cuisine.

The first five Gurtam partners successfully passed Wialon certificationWhen the lunch was over all the partners were ready for the next business-case – Wialon certification. In order to receive the certificate, all the participants had to pass an exam, in a form of a special online test, which presupposed both, good theoretical background, as well as sufficient practical experience. Our partners were given only eight minutes to answer 15 questions, which was successfully done by many Gurtam partners.

Certification put an end to the official part of the first conference day, and all the attendants went to dinner, and then — continued the entertainment program including golf, mini golf, tennis, table tennis, billiards, football, basketball and swimming.

The second conference day started with the presentation of our Georgian partners — hosts of «Telematics 2013. Summer». George Kaladze spoke about the situation on Georgian GPS tracking market in general, and emphasized the success story of GeoGPS, which is one of the leading GPS and GLONASS tracking services provider in Georgia.

After a short coffee-break Aliaksandr Kuushynau announced the results of the conducted «examination» and awarded the first five certificates of qualified Wialon specialists. According to the results of testing the certificates went to: George Kaladze (GeoGPS), Alexander Luban (Agroshturman), Sergey Kozlov (ASK), Tahir Arslanbeyov («Matrix»), Volodymyr Fitenko (Overseer).

The award ceremony finalized the official part of the conference and started the most interesting part– amazing trip around Kakheti and visit to the ancient city of Signagi, with its famous medieval fortress and unforgettable view to the Alazani valley. The city, with its narrow winding streets reminds old Tbilisi, also visited by Gurtam team during this journey.

Unforgettable view to the Alazani valleyAlong toward evening, breathing in the fresh mountain air and admiring the beauties of Georgian scenery, the conference participants went to a substantial dinner to the gorgeous Kakhetian restaurant. According to my colleagues: «We were aware of the fact that the Georgians are very hospitable. But the evening, organized by our GeoGPS colleagues, exceeded all the expectations». Our partners didn’t forget about anyone and presented famous Georgian knives and horns — to men, and bags with colorful traditional embroidery — to women. If speaking about Georgian cuisine, it worth special attention: the guests tried spicy khinkali, tender barbecue, juicy dolma, tempting chakhokhbili and khachapuri in different variations. All these dishes were accompanied by the best vine varieties, personally selected by the organizers of the event.

Anisa Al-Sendy, Gurtam regional manager responsible for Georgia, thanks the conference organizers: «Sharing the impressions afterwards, all the participants agreed that this event became one of the best in the list of such conferences. And, surely, it’s a great achievement of the host party, GeoGPS and personally George Kaladze, David Mumladze, David Nizharadze and Tina Sulakvelidze, who made such a comprehensive program and didn’t let the guests get bored even for a minute».

Therefore, we’ll try to keep the high level of Georgian conference and invite all Gurtam partners to «Telematics 2013» in Minsk that will be held at the end of November.

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