Holcim (Russia) entrusts its fleet to Wialon

Holcim international group — world leader dealing with manufacture and distribution of cementGurtam partners in different countries never stops working and execute more and more large and significant projects for the internationally renowned companies, fostering Wialon software popularity all over the world.

Today Gurtam partner in Moscow, Geolead-Center, shared one of its’ recent projects with us. According to the company CEO Evgeny Maximov, they have just finished a big project for Holcim (Russia).

Holcim international group world leader dealing with manufacture and distribution of cement, and production, processing and distribution of aggregates (crushed stone, gravel and sand), ready-mix concrete and asphalt. Holcim was founded in 1912 in Switzerland, and today it’s a global company employing some 80,000 people, with production sites in around 70 countries (Russia as well).

In the course of the project Geolead equipped a numerous light and heavy vehicle fleet of two Holcim plants in Russia with reliable navigation equipment and connected it to Wialon Hosting GPS tracking system.

Holcim came to the decision to equip all the vast vehicle fleet with GPS tracking system in the very beginning of 2012. Just then Geolead-Center connected the first company vehicles, gradually gaining traction and, finally, having equipped the whole plants’ fleet with GPS tracking system.

The main reason why Holcim referred to our partner was the possibility to optimize the work of dispatcher service. It mainly concerns heavy vehicles, because it’s critically important for dispatchers to know, where the cargo is at a definite moment of time in order to inform the client about it. Light vehicles, however, were mainly equipped in order to enhance the discipline among the drivers, prevent illegal trips, as well as reduce the maintenance costs and fuel consumption.

Evgeny Maximov mentions: «GPS tracking system greatly contributed to the work of Holcim customer service. Every day Holcim specialists receive thousands of calls, stating “where is the truck with cement and when will it arrive”. From now on, while communicating with customers, dispatcher will be able to define precisely the exact time when the vehicle with the cargo will get to the point of destination».

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